Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have you heard of Charismastar on YouTube?

If you like watching makeup tutorials but are already tired of the usual videos just showing a vlogger sitting in front of a camera, then you will LOVE Charis Lincoln, a.k.a. Charismastar on YouTube!

Her full production value tutorials are at par (or even better) than Michelle Phan's videos. A perfect example: her Dark Shadows video. Watch!

I think I wanna do this for Halloween :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cool find: Suesh Hair Spirals

If you've been visiting Philippine Style Blogs for quite some time already, I'm sure you've heard of the Goody Spin Pins by now. They're those spiral pins that (according to press release), "do the job of 20 bobby pins".

Photo from the Goody website

They seem to be really cool, however when I found out that these cost Php 569.75 a pack, I just absolutely balked at the price. Seriously, 500++ pesos for a pack which only contains 2-3 pieces, depending on the size??! The price is absurd. I could buy about 500 pieces of bobby pins for that price!

So when I visited the Suesh showroom in Greenhills about 2 weeks ago and found their version of the Goody Spin Pin for Php 50 each, I just couldn't pass it up. Had to buy it, even if I didn't need it!

The Suesh Hair Spirals have the same shape as the Goody Spin Pins. The only difference I could find is the size - the hair spirals are bigger than the mini spin pins but smaller than the regular-sized spin pins. They also do not have those rounded ends that the spin pins have.

So I tried it and all, and they really do work in keeping my hair in place all day. But the only thing I could say about these is that you absolutely DO NOT need spin pins or hair spirals in your life. I must admit they're pretty cool, but they do the exact same job as an elastic band.

This is how my hair looks like with the hair spirals on:

Anyway, if you knew how to use bobby pins well, even 1 piece would be enough to hold your hair in a bun. Case in point, this Bobby Pin 101 video by hair guru, Daven Mayeda:

You can buy Suesh Hair Spirals at their shops in Trinoma, Greenhills, and Alabang Town Center. For some reason though, they raised their prices already. They now cost Php 70 for 1 piece, Php 120 for 2 pieces, and Php 150 for 3, according to the Suesh FB page. Check it out here for more details.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture Sunblock

Today I'm reviewing a sunblock right in time for summer - only problem is, summer seems to have ended early in Manila as we're starting to have downpours again!

Anyway for those of you who are enjoying the sun right now, here's a review for a sunblock and moisturizer in one.

If you've heard of the wonders of the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock for its "weightless and clean feel", you won't be disappointed by this sunblock since it's very similar, but with just a slight difference.

Reblog: How to make Homemade Airbrush Foundation & Mixing Medium

GREAT video for people who love to DIY!

Now all I need is an airbrush gun and compressor set.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

On jellyfish mishaps and dermatologist-recommended lotions

So sorry for not posting for so long! I recently transferred to a new role for my non-makeup related job, which also has an earlier schedule than what I'm used to. End result is that jet lagged feeling where I end up sleeping during the time I usually allot for writing reviews. Anyway now I think I'm more adjusted to my new work schedule, so hooray, I'm blogging again!

Moving on to more beauty-related concerns, last week I went to the beach and ended up getting stung by a jellyfish. It definitely left a mark - I actually felt it wrap around my leg.

I went to a doctor in our office clinic the next day and was prescribed some antibiotics to get rid of any toxins left from the jellyfish sting. However the marks turned a darker shade of red (almost purple) and became really itchy two days later so naturally I became worried that the sting might actually have permanent repercussions (a.k.a. scars).

Since it wasn't getting better, I rushed to a dermatologist and got a prescription for anti-allergy meds and an ointment to flatten the welts. The derma also recommended that I keep my legs moisturized since dry skin is one of the triggers for the itchiness. Being my usual inquisitive self, I asked if there are any specific ingredients that I should avoid for lotions - I wouldn't want to use something that might make my leg worse off, of course! To that, she just said that I should avoid lotions with fragrance since it might irritate the skin. Since I'm a Cetaphil fan, it was the first lotion that came into mind when she mentioned "fragrance free", so I asked if that one was okay. She then replied that it was okay to use, but if I'm willing to spend on lotion anyway, then I might as well buy the Physiogel lotion since it was much better than the Cetaphil one.

So I did end up buying it. I was thinking that it might not be fair to review a lotion that a dermatologist recommended since it would definitely be good, but I did want to give you guys more details on why exactly this lotion is fantastic!

Read on for the review :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Carmex Lip Balm - Original Flavor

Carmex lip balms seem to have been around for quite a while now, although I noticed that they never got to be as big as Chapstick lip balms, at least in the Philippines. It's one of those products that often seem to appear in the "What's in my bag" section of fashion/beauty magazines, but if you ask an average non-kikay Filipina, they've never seemed to have heard of the brand. This purely based on my observations of course, don't shoot me if I'm wrong ;) 

So if you've ever wondered how well these did in the lip moisturizing department, read on for the review!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etude House Baby Doll Puff

Once again, here's another Korean beauty product post... I was really happy with the Tony Moly Nutra-Energy serum so expect more Korean products in the future :)

Meet the Etude House Baby Doll Puff!

Isn't the packaging adorable? 

Here's how the puff/sponge looks like outside the box.


Read on for the review!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy Miracle Serum

The time when I feel like my skin is behaving at its worst is usually the time when I also end up buying products I haven't tried before that promise all sorts of wonders. At the end of January, I was due for a much needed facial, but for some reason I just end up not being able to go. To make up for my skin's dullness, I decided to buy the Floria Nutra-Energy serum with Argan oil from Tony Moly.

I'm often hesitant to buy non-mainstream asian beauty products even if I'm asian since they usually lack understandable product details or ingredients in english listed on the box, or on the back of the container. Somehow this just seems dubious to me, but I suppose I'm just being irrational of course! So props to Tony Moly for now including an English translation of the product details on the box. The Sales Assistant did mention to me that they're including English versions now for the newer products of their brand.

So this review would be my first venture into a Korean skincare product... The Etude House mask I bought before doesn't count of course, since I wouldn't really consider something I barely used as "skincare".

Read on for the review!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fall/Winter 2012 Beauty Trends

It's fashion week once again! Here are some of the looks I spotted that are all over the catwalks. 

All photos are backstage beauty shots from Style.com

1. The bare but polished look


2. The messy/heavily-rimmed eye look

Derek Lam

3. Vamp-y lips


Read on for more photos!


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