Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes: May 14 Shoot

Sorry for the lack of updates! Been on vacation mode so I took a break from blogging too. Anyway, here are some pics from a shoot I did two weeks ago.

Some before and after shots of my friend Bikoi. She asked for a little makeover since she needed to have her photos taken for some family related thing that I didn't really completely understand. Haha. Hi Bikoi!


That same day, my officemate Lance scheduled to have a preppy and Alice and Wonderland inspired shoot, so I did makeup for that one as well. Some shots behind the scenes:

"Alice" was played by Gretchen. Her skin was fantastic! Peg for make up was striking silvery/blue/grey eyes, and pale skin.

Our male model for the preppy look was Cedric. For him, I just focused on contouring.

And this is Joanna, make up peg was white with red accents.

My other model was Dorrie but I didn't have behind the scenes shots with her.. Although the peg was cat-inspired, and pink and purple shades. 

Here are the final shots!

Photos by Lance Lucas, Styling by Arvin Kira.


  1. cool makeover!! what was the shoot for?

    since you don't have enough time for a lot of makeup on the weekdays, what does your everyday makeup consist of? like when you go to the office, or just go shopping. (how bout a post on this one? teehee)

  2. The shoot was just for fun?? Haha!

    Good Idea Raish, I'll make a post on that :)



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