Saturday, May 7, 2011

Online shop of the month: Carefreeshopper!

In line with this blog's theme, I've decided to do a monthly feature on the internet's best byproduct for busy and/or lazy girls: Online Shopping!

So for the month of May, I'm starting off with my favorite local online store: CarefreeShopper

Photo Credit: All photos in this post are screenshots from the CarefreeShopper site.

What they sell:

As of today, they have the following brands on hand:

Make up - EOS, NYX, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Benefit, LM, Stila, MAC, Korres, Revlon, Pop Beauty, Lorac, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Victoria's Secret, Elf, etc!

Hand and body - Illamasqua, EOS, Crabtree & Evelyn, OPI, Orly, CND, China Glaze, Essie, Seche Vite, Poshe, Bath & Body Works, CO Bigelow,

Beauty tools: Beautyblender, EcoTools

Other Beauty Products - Queen Helene, Smooth-365, Victoria's Secret, Shu Uemura, Clinique, Demeter, GAP

Apparel - Victoria's Secret, Old Navy, H&M
Footwear - Fitflop, Old Navy

 Bags - Longchamp, Roxy, Banana Republic, Liz Claiborne, and more!!

They also accept pre-orders for Sephora and MAC.

What I love:

SUPER. FAST. SHIPPING. This seller responds to your order within a few hours of sending it, immediately sends the invoice with the payment details, and you get your items 2 days after payment. The transaction is completely hassle free! And since this is an open multiply store, there's no need to login or have an account just so you can order.

What I don't like:
There are too many albums in this site. Sometimes you miss out on great deals because you just don't see that this store is selling it! This is actually a true story that happened to me, I ended up buying a product from a different online shop, and a week later, after scouring the CarefreeShopper site because I was bored, I found out that they were selling the same item at a cheaper price! It's a bit hard to navigate through the site and look for an item you want to order. I honestly think that the seller should change her layout, or at least arrange albums more systematically. Putting similar or same brand items in the same album would be great too!


This site is a great place to shop when you want to stock up on NYX cosmetics. After months of comparing prices from various local online stores and sellers, this is the one I've found so far that sells NYX the cheapest. Ok, to be fair, there's another local store that sells pretty much the same stuff at a similar price, but the service here is much better. It's best to buy from this site in bulk since they have slightly more expensive shipping rates due to the fact that the seller is from Bacolod. When I bought from this site last December, they gave me a discount for buying the NYX lipsticks in bulk (I bought 12 at Php 155 each). Just not sure if they still do that 'cause I can't find their policy on buying in bulk anymore - either because the seller removed it, or it got hidden underneath all the albums on the site. Overall though, I think the benefits outweigh the cost. The main drawback of online shopping for me is that you don't get your items immediately after paying for it. Since this seller ships fast, I'm more than willing to overlook the not-so-user-friendly layout since speed and great service is my priority :)

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