Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ms. Makeup Angled Eyeliner Brush

Bought this brush because I was looking for a brush that would help me achieve the perfect cat eye like this:

Photo from here

Aren't those eyes lovely? Who wouldn't want eyes that look like Angelina Jolie's??

Though what really inspired me to do cat eye looks are those lovely vintage-y, Brigitte Bardot-inspired ads from Guess:

Photo from here

Photo from here

Sadly, this brush didn't help me fulfill my cat eye dreams. But I found out that it's perfect for something else!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes: "Lost Tribes"

Had another shoot for fun! This time the theme was Japanese/Tribal fusion, hence the Japanese looks with tribal accents. Why that theme? Our photographer Lance has a house filled with tribal accessories and bonsai plants which was his mom's collection, so a shoot inspired by that was just hard to resist.

This was our peg for make up:

Some behind the scenes shots:

And the cover photo! Our photographer wanted something editorial-ish.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Make up on my mind: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Have you ever been really, really excited for a make up brand? 

If you have, then you'll probably understand what I'm feeling now 'cause I WANT these Sugarpill Eyeshadows!!!!

Ok, that picture might not have been THAT impressive, but these swatches definitely are...

All photos above are from the Sugarpill site.

For more amazing swatches, click HERE.

Best of all, these eyeshadows are only $12 each! And the quads are $34 only with already 4 eyeshadows in it. If people are saying that these Sugarpill eyeshadows are comparable or even better than Make up Forever eyeshadows, then the price is definitely a steal!!

Check out these reviews from Temptalia for the quad and single eye shadows.

MUST get these babies soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tugs Tugs Club!

Last week I did make up for Sef Cadayona for a Selecta Cornetto event.

If the name isn't very familiar, he's the guy from this commercial (not the bouncer, ok? haha):

This was such a fun experience! Sef was super bibbo, just the kind of person that I'd imagine to be perfect for showbiz :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dashe Stippling Brush

Back when I was just starting out on my now daily habit of bloghopping/reading reviews on beauty products, I came across this video for Stippling brushes by one of my favorite YouTube channels, EnKore Makeup.

To summarize the video, it explains how to use a stippling brush to apply liquid foundation -- aptly named since the technique used with the brush is by stippling product onto your face. The effect would be many tiny dots on the face, and when layered on, it will give an air brushed finish.

I was definitely amazed after watching that video. Before that, I thought that the only way you can put liquid foundation on your face was by using a flat brush or a sponge! It was no surprise that I immediately started searching for a cheaper alternative to the MAC 187 Duo Fiber brush since it was just too expensive (Php 2700-2900++ at last check) to buy just out of curiosity.

Good thing I found the Dashe Stippling Brush!


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