Saturday, June 4, 2011

Make up on my mind: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Have you ever been really, really excited for a make up brand? 

If you have, then you'll probably understand what I'm feeling now 'cause I WANT these Sugarpill Eyeshadows!!!!

Ok, that picture might not have been THAT impressive, but these swatches definitely are...

All photos above are from the Sugarpill site.

For more amazing swatches, click HERE.

Best of all, these eyeshadows are only $12 each! And the quads are $34 only with already 4 eyeshadows in it. If people are saying that these Sugarpill eyeshadows are comparable or even better than Make up Forever eyeshadows, then the price is definitely a steal!!

Check out these reviews from Temptalia for the quad and single eye shadows.

MUST get these babies soon.

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