Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ms. Makeup Angled Eyeliner Brush

Bought this brush because I was looking for a brush that would help me achieve the perfect cat eye like this:

Photo from here

Aren't those eyes lovely? Who wouldn't want eyes that look like Angelina Jolie's??

Though what really inspired me to do cat eye looks are those lovely vintage-y, Brigitte Bardot-inspired ads from Guess:

Photo from here

Photo from here

Sadly, this brush didn't help me fulfill my cat eye dreams. But I found out that it's perfect for something else!

What it is:
Product Info
• Soft, chiseled bristles and non-slip grip
• Ultimate in precise application and pencil-less definition 
Seeking direction with your liner? This angled eyeliner brush will help you line and define eyes easily. This brush has chiseled bristles and a non-slip grip to help you line your eyes precisely.  
• Always orient the brush's longer bristles toward the inside corner of your eye.
• Dab color above lashes in short dabs.
• Then, lightly blend the edges together. Don't try to line in one stroke.
Care Tip: Help your bristles stay pristine by washing in warm, soapy water weekly. Air dry so the shape won’t fray.

Bought this brush from Carefree Shopper for only 380 pesos!

What I love about the brush:
This brush is great for making really nice, clean, and fine lines. The width of the brush is wider than normal, so it's really easy to control if you want to make thin lines. Perfect for no-makeup looks! Depending on the pressure you apply on the brush, you'll be able to use it to line your eyes with a very thin line, or even a thicker one. It works well with gel eyeliner and even powder eye shadows. I also like the rubber grip of the brush, it's soft but at the same time, very helpful in making sure you don't make any accidental slips while lining!

What I don't like:
As mentioned earlier, I can't use this for cat eye looks! The width of the brush makes it a breeze to use for straight lines, but really hard for curved lines -- the kind that you need to be able to make that nice flick at the corner in cat eye looks. Even on an almost flat surface (my arm) it was very hard to make clean curved lines with this brush. I had to go over the messy parts to clean it up a bit.

Overall, it's a pretty good brush considering the price. But use this brush for basic eye lining only if you don't want to give yourself a hard time. :P For cat eye looks, it'll be easier to use pointed brushes or liquid eyeliner to achieve that nice flick. I even tried making angular cat eyes with this brush (the kind that has no curved lines but sharp corners instead), but it was still really difficult! This brush is just too wide to work on wrinkly eyelids and the limited lid space that most Asians have.

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