Friday, July 1, 2011

My excuse this time

Sorry for not posting much (again)!! Last time was because I took a vacation, and this time it's another vacation! I was busy packing two weeks ago, then last week, my family and I arrived in the land of maple leaves, die hard hockey fans, and Tim Hortons -- Canada!

 Flying over the Canadian Rockies

The Mountains up close

It's summer right now, but the summer here is definitely much colder than in the Philippines -- at night it can get to as cold as 8 degrees celsius! The climate is also much drier (at least in the Alberta province) so the weather is really wreaking havoc on my already dry skin. I haven't gone here during winter, but I can only imagine how much the weather would take its toll on everyone's skin! Moisturizers, sunscreen (even at night 'cause days are about 19 hours long during summer), and lip balms are an absolute necessity if you don't want to shrivel up prematurely. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually miss the Philippines' humid weather!

Would be posting some overdue reviews and some new stuff I got here soon. See you! :)

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