Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dashe Stippling Brush

Back when I was just starting out on my now daily habit of bloghopping/reading reviews on beauty products, I came across this video for Stippling brushes by one of my favorite YouTube channels, EnKore Makeup.

To summarize the video, it explains how to use a stippling brush to apply liquid foundation -- aptly named since the technique used with the brush is by stippling product onto your face. The effect would be many tiny dots on the face, and when layered on, it will give an air brushed finish.

I was definitely amazed after watching that video. Before that, I thought that the only way you can put liquid foundation on your face was by using a flat brush or a sponge! It was no surprise that I immediately started searching for a cheaper alternative to the MAC 187 Duo Fiber brush since it was just too expensive (Php 2700-2900++ at last check) to buy just out of curiosity.

Good thing I found the Dashe Stippling Brush!

The Dashe Stippling brush is Php700.00 when bought online. 

From the Dashe Website:

Dashe Stippling Brush: Can be used for wet/dry (cream/liquid foundations, powder) for a flawless satiny airbrush finish.

Made from the finest goat and synthetic fibers

Please excuse the part where the paint peeled, I accidentally spilled nail polish remover on the handle! Lesson learned: don't put your brushes near Acetone and other nail polish removers :/


What I like about it:
The price! This is the cheapest stippling brush I found that's locally available.

What I don't:
Unfortunately, the cheap price also comes with cheap quality. Every time I wash the brush and leave it to dry on tissue paper, it leaves a bluish-black stain on the tissue which I think is the dye from the black bristles of the brush. The same bristles also shed all the time! Usually brushes shed when being washed, but this one sheds even while I'm using it. It's a pain especially when I'm using it with liquid products since the black bristles will tend to stick to the face and leave marks when removed. The brush is now less dense than when I first bought it due to the shedding, and with continued use, I'm pretty sure that it won't last long.

Even if the brush sheds a lot, I still use it 'cause it works great with powder products! I'd recommend that you don't use this brush to stipple, especially with liquid foundations since the falling bristles tend to stick to the foundation. Instead, use this when you need a light application of powder products such as blush and highlighters. Though I think this is best used with powder highlighters so you could get subtle shimmer over the parts of the face where you need highlighting. A blush brush would be fine, but some would tend to pack on a lot of product so if you're not careful the end result will be full on shine -- which is definitely not good unless you're going for an avante garde (a.k.a. out of this world) look!

Buy this brush if you are not yet sure if you need a stippling brush in your life but would like to try out having one for a cheap price before moving on to expensive brands. But if you are planning on using it a lot, and especially for liquid foundation, it would be better to just invest in a better one.

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