Friday, June 3, 2011

Tugs Tugs Club!

Last week I did make up for Sef Cadayona for a Selecta Cornetto event.

If the name isn't very familiar, he's the guy from this commercial (not the bouncer, ok? haha):

This was such a fun experience! Sef was super bibbo, just the kind of person that I'd imagine to be perfect for showbiz :)

Sef hosting 

The stage - complete with a dj, in line with the tugs tugs theme! 

Cornetto eating contest 

Early bird award, I think 

Also did some grooming for Dianne Medina, but no pictures with her 'cause I got shy. :P
But here's one with Sef!

In the dressing room 

Special thanks to Cams Ruivivar for making this possible! :D

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