Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deal Grocer MUFE Haul

Group buying sites aren't just for food, lifestyle, or travel offers - they sell make up too! I LOVE that Make up Forever Philippines has given in to the group buying hype, since it means big discounts for us! :)

It was morning and I was sleepy-eyed and still in bed checking my emails when I found out about the promo from Deal Grocer. The subject of the email notification was this - 40% OFF MAKE UP FOR EVER: The World's Leader in High Performance Make Up. So that definitely woke me up! I rushed to buy the stuff that I wanted of course, and in my haste, I didn't notice the fine print: the products couldn't be claimed until after two weeks from the end of the offer.

I'm the type of girl who doesn't like ordering online when I won't be able to get the item until after a few weeks from ordering it, especially if the thing I'm ordering is pricey. But since I didn't read the fine print, I went ahead and bought the stuff anyway. Three weeks later, I already forgot about the stuff that I bought, so good thing my boyfriend reminded me! We went to Boni High to get the stuff, and now, here they are. :)

Mist & Fix Spray

HD Microfinish Powder

HD Microperfecting Primer

Ok, I think this will be one of my last Haul posts for now. Don't want to spend anymore! Haha :P

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