Thursday, August 4, 2011

Glambox Airbrush Workshop

Back in June, I joined a contest I found on Facebook for Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics.

Photo credit here

I've gone to make up school for conventional makeup lessons, and although I've heard of airbrush before, it was only in school where I learned that airbrush makeup was already getting big in the country.

The trend now for brides-to-be is to get airbrush makeup for their weddings -- who wouldn't want photoshop-smooth yet very natural-looking skin in an instant (and not just in photos), right? And since airbrush makeup is long lasting and waterproof, it's all the more fitting that brides use it for their wedding with all the crying and besos that are bound to happen.

So right after seeing that ad from Glambox, I immediately sent an entry, and a few weeks later, I found out that I got selected to participate! :)

My name is there somewhere. Photo credit here

The day of the workshop was a gray and rainy one, and in Manila, this usually translates to flood, and in turn, translates to traffic! Since I'm a northern native (a.k.a. Q.C. resident), I underestimated the Saturday noon-time traffic and arrived about 30 minutes late to the event. Luckily, I found out there from the organizers that the workshop wasn't gonna start until 2pm -- the time before that was allotted for eating lunch!

The class started with some skincare tips from Nikki, the blogger behind

She then explained the difference between Silicone and Water based airbrush makeup. Silicone based make up is very light and doesn't sit in the pores, but over it -- this results in a very smooth, "doll-like" finish since fine lines and pores are covered by the make up. Water based airbrush makeup on the other hand is a bit heavier but looks more natural than the silicone based ones. Some people however are allergic to silicone based products so water based airbrush makeup was created as an alternative. She also stressed that different-based airbrush makeup should never be mixed since this will clog the airbrush gun

Glambox airbrush make up is mostly silicone based although they have a few water based products. I forgot which one is water based though, I think it was their highlighters? No worries about accidentally mixing different based Glambox products though, since the makeup containers are clearly marked if they are water or silicone based.

Nikki showing us how to use the compressor

Matching the foundation to the model-volunteer's skintone

Nikki went on with explaining how to apply the Glambox makeup. Concealing any discolorations is a must BEFORE applying the airbrush foundation since you can't put conventional concealers over the airbrush foundation.

6-8 drops should be enough for the whole face, but you can always put more or less depending on the coverage you want.

Testing the color on a piece of tissue

During application, the distance of the airbrush gun from the face would also affect the coverage of the foundation -- putting it close would result in heavier coverage, while placing it farther would result in something more sheer. Once the foundation is completely dry, it's also important to set the makeup with translucent powder to make sure that it wouldn't budge anymore.

Airbrush foundation application

After Nikki, it was Sophie's turn (from to be our instructor. She discussed contouring and highlighting with airbrush, but it looked a bit tricky to me. Something where a person doing it would need a lot of practice!

Contouring with a darker shade of foundation - see the difference between the left and right side of the face of the model (right side doesn't have any makeup on)

I especially liked it when Sophie showed us how to custom make airbrush eyeshadow using a loose mineral eyeshadow mixed with the airbrush foundation. Can't wait to try this!

See the greenish tint on one of the model's eyes? That's airbrush eyeshadow!

We were also able to try using Glambox on ourselves since there were airbrush units in each table and samples of their makeup.

Had a photo op with the instructors as well, heehee

with Nikki

and Sophie!

The instructors + organizers

With Dea, my classmate from makeup school who also joined the contest

Overall it was a great way to experience airbrush makeup for FREE!! Thank you so much to Glambox Cosmetics for letting me try this out :)

Visit the Glambox website for more info about them!

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