Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Makeup for Lazy or Busy Girls

When I started taking makeup classes, some of my colleagues asked me why I was taking it - since I rarely wear makeup in the office, they never thought that I'd be the type of girl who actually loves it! Most of the time, I just do a fully made up face when I go to parties and events, or when people will be taking lots of pictures. Other than that, I'm pretty much bare-faced 4-6 days a week.

But when I do feel like looking slightly more "polished" than my usual bare face but with minimal makeup, this is what I usually do:

Before & After
Products used: Liquid Eyeliner, Eyebrow Pencil, Highlighter, Translucent Powder, Lip stain

Anyway, for the sake of blogging, I decided to list a few tips on putting makeup for lazy or busy girls. Click "Read more" to read on!

Tip # 1: First off, take care of your skin. The better-looking it is, the less makeup you'll need.

Tip # 2: Figure out how much time you have to put on the makeup, how long it's supposed to last, and how much time you're willing to spend removing it at the end of the day. This would determine the type of makeup you should use, and how many extra steps you will have to do to make it last longer

Primers make your makeup last longer but also makes it harder to remove

Liquid Foundation VS. Powders - liquid foundations often have residue even after using a cleanser so you'd still need to use toner afterwards to completely remove the makeup

Liquid liners VS. Pencil liners - The liquid stuff doesn't smudge and also lasts longer, but is also harder to remove than the pencil versions

Unless you're willing to spend on pricey makeup removers, mascara will always be tough (or will at least require extra effort) to remove

Tip # 3: Focus on the facial features that would brighten up your face the most. Different people would have different "problem areas" (e.g., dark under eye circles, no eye brows, blemishes, etc.) so it's best to know your face first so that you'll also know what facial features to focus on. Usually it's the eyes that need a little "enhancement", but some people would just need blush, others lipstick, and so on. Although in my opinion, a foolproof way to polish anyone's look is to fix the brows!

My must-haves for lazy girl makeup: eye liner, eyelash curler, brow pencil, and lipstick/lipstain

I use shades of lipstick close to my lip color during the day, and just layer on or change it to a really bright or dark lipstick for night.

Nice to haves: translucent powder, mascara, and a concealer/highlighter

I chose mostly eye products for my must-haves because I have perenially sleepy-looking eyes. Dark brown liner is used for days when I want a natural look, and liquid liner for times when I'm wearing glasses. As for lipstick, a good my-lips-but-better shade makes a big difference for me since I have pale lips.

Tip # 4: Lastly, apply your must-haves to your face first -- so in case you run out of time, at least your bases are covered ;)

Okay, that's all I can think of for now! 'Til next post! :D

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