Saturday, August 20, 2011

On Hair Products: Kerastase Reflection

I got this Kerastase Reflection set at a salon after getting my hair colored darker a few weeks ago. It comes with a shampoo, a leave-on conditioner, a hair masque, and a black bag to put everything in.

I was out of shampoo, so I originally wanted to get my favorite Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner which was fantastic at keeping my hair color from fading while also keeping it really soft, relatively healthy, and completely split-end free. Pretty amazing considering the fact that it was already color treated a few times, and I haven't had a haircut (to remove any split ends) for more than a year. The only problem with it is that it doesn't make my hair shine at all. So every other month, when my hair is already looking really blah, I get the Kerastase Chroma Reflect treatments at either Bench fix or Azta salons for shinier hair. I can't remember how much it costs though, but I think one treatment ranges from Php 1,600 - 1,800++ in either salon.

Since the Chroma Reflect treatment in salons is a bit pricey, I decided that it was time to buy the jar since it costs even less than the price of 2 treatments. Unfortunately, due to a really pushy stylist, I got persuaded and ended up buying the set because it was discounted if I got the 3 together. It would come out as if I got the shampoo and bag for free.

However, I'm saying that it was unfortunate because I'm not happy that I got the shampoo and leave-on conditioner. It's not that the products don't work, because they do - the point of the Kerastase Reflection line is to make color-treated hair shinier, and my hair definitely got shinier than when I was using Pureology. Sadly, a week after, I'm back to having split ends. I attribute that to the last dyeing process which must have weakened my hair even more, but my hair is also not as soft, doesn't feel smooth, and is more prone to getting tangled. The latter part, I put the blame on my shampoo.

Bain Miroir Shampoo

The leave-on conditioner is also pretty useless to me because it is actually a protector for blow drying and heat styling. The thing is, I'm a wash and wear type of girl when it comes to my hair, so I rarely subject it to heat. I don't even own a flat iron or curling iron, and I currently have no idea where my blow dryer is. The pushy stylist told me while I was still in the salon that it was just like the usual conditioner to make your hair softer and shinier. I only found out that it was for something else when I got home and read the box and the instructions in it more carefully. By then it was too late to return it.

Chroma Protect Leave-On Conditioner

Overall, the shampoo and leave-on conditioner aren't really terrible products, this whole thing that I wrote just sounded negative because of the bad experience I had when I bought the set. Of course I'm also annoyed at myself because I let someone talk me into buying something I didn't really want, but I guess it just feels better to blame the stylist. :P

Chroma Reflect Masque

The whole set cost me Php 4,102. It still pains me every time I remember how much I paid for this stuff. Anyway, next time I know what I'm getting. I'm sticking to Pureology for my shampoo and conditioner, and  I'll just be getting the Chroma Reflect Masque. That last one, I don't regret at all - it's awesome! This stuff is made for us girls who want hair color AND shine. Definitely worth your money if you want shiny hair even if it's already damaged from all the dyeing. ;)

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