Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I don't really feel like making a full review on this palette since SO MUCH has been said about how amazing it is. I'm pretty sure this palette wouldn't have had an "abnormally high demand" - in the words of Sephora regarding its availability a few months ago, if it wasn't a great product.

Of course, the palette could use more matte shades to truly qualify as "naked" eyeshadows, but I don't really mind. I've read a few complaints on the shadows being too shimmery for daytime use, but I honestly think that this is just a personal preference influenced by how conservative a person is with makeup, and not a fault of the product.

My only (tiny) complaint about this palette is that some of the shades don't apply as well as the others - namely sidecar, creep, and gunmetal. It wouldn't really be an issue though since the problem stemmed from my method of eyeshadow application on my swatching arm - I applied it in long, horizontal strokes. I used an eyeshadow brush to test the shadows on my arm and ended up with uneven application from the 3 eyeshadows mentioned. But the reason I said that this was just a tiny complaint is because people wouldn't really use big, horizontal strokes when applying eyeshadow -- you'd use patting motions, or at least small strokes over the eyelid area, right? When used on the eyes, I didn't have any trouble with the application, and I highly doubt that there would be a normal person with eyes as wide as my arm, thus rendering the uneven application issue irrelevant ;)

So anyway, I'm posting this mainly for the photos I took! Some people might actually be interested in seeing how the eyeshadows look like on someone with medium toned, asian-yellow skin.

L-R: virgin, sin, naked, sidecar, buck, half-baked, smog, darkhorse, toasted, hustle, creep, and gunmetal

photo with w/o flash

photo with w/ flash

The photos were taken at night under white light.

If you noticed, the colors didn't really stand out against my skin, but I didn't take this against the palette since this is what I think is the whole point of the Naked palette -- eyeshadows that would just enhance your features to still make you look like yourself, only better :)

The hype (and massive hoarding) has somehow finally cooled down about a year after its initial release and now the palette is available again! If you're the type of girl (or gay) who loves their neutral eyeshadows then this is THE palette to buy. Unless you have the same mindset or skintone that doesn't work with the palette as the 2.5% of people who've tried and didn't like the palette on Makeup Alley, then I'd highly doubt that you'd regret buying it :)

P.S. And that's a real percentage ok?! I computed it based on the total number of reviews as of the date of posting (8/9/11) and the people who gave a rating of 2 lippies or less. Told you I'm a beauty geek! :P

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