Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Cardboard Lashes + A Look with the said Lashes

Whenever I was bored back in college, I'd just go to my closet, grab some clothes, and stand in front of a full length mirror and style outfits that would range from overdressed for class, to just too crazy to wear for class. Nowadays I've grown sick of obsessing over clothes, so instead of styling outfits, I just play with makeup!

So here's a product of one of those boring nights... I was actually trying to come up with a look I can do for Halloween:

yes, those are 2-inch long falsies ;)

I got inspired by the makeup for the S/S 2012 show of Erickson Beamon which I saw HERE, although my version is a lot less glittery and much simpler. Upon closer inspection of the photographs, I noticed some strands of the lashes to have these white tear marks, the kind that appear when you tear colored paper, and that's when I got the idea to make my own cardboard lashes.

Read on for instructions on how I did it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Makeup for Glasses + A Review on the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

I used to not like liquid eyeliners since they look too harsh on the eyes -- the end result emphasizes the eyes just a bit too much, in my opinion. And it's not only the eye that's enhanced, but also any signs of tiredness it currently has, be it puffiness, eye bags, discolorations, etc. For the simple fact that I'm too lazy to wear eyeliner AND concealer/foundation (on regular days) at the same time, I stayed away from these liquid eyeliners.

That is, until I started wearing glasses.

The ones I use now are supposedly for corrective purposes, so the optometrist advised that I should wear them for at least a year, or until my eye grade gets better (it's only 25/20, btw). At first, whenever I wanted to wear light eye makeup for daytime, I would remove the glasses since why wear makeup if no one would see it, right? I wasn't used to having glasses at that time, so it didn't occur to me to intensify my eye makeup yet. But as months went by and I became more comfortable wearing my glasses during the day than not, it finally dawned on me that my eye makeup should be the one adjusting to my four-eyed status and not the other way around!

Hence, I bring you the liquid eyeliner + eyeglasses look:

Compare it to this picture, with the same eyeliner look but without the glasses:

The liner doesn't look as thick and the eye bags are less pronounced with the glasses right?

So that ends the first part of this post, I just wanted to prove a point, haha. Read on for my review on the Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quick post: Feeling Oriental

I'm sorry if I'm boring you guys with my face, but here's another FOTD!

This was originally posted in, so I thought, why not post it in my blog too? After years of being annoyed (not hate -- I'm not that insecure :P ) at my small eyes which are less than conducive to multicolored eye shadow looks due to the small lid space, I have finally come to terms with my eye size and shape. I've accepted that I will never have those beautifully shaped eyes that most middle eastern women seem to have, which look perfect with a myriad of eye makeup looks and when rimmed with kohl liner. But who says small eyes are ugly?

This is me, emphasizing my small eyes with (top) heavy eye liner, and loving it!

Click here for the product list!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lookbook for Makeup Junkies -

If you "Like" Sugarpill Cosmetics on Facebook, chances are, you've already seen them feature some looks from If you don't, just a short background: Sugarpill often features people using their products by linking their FB followers to the said person's blog/website/youtube channel, etc.

The thumbnails of the makeup looks featured always interested me since there were a lot of lovely looks, which all the while had me thinking that the person behind that website was very creative for coming up with so many different looks. So one boring day (rather, it was night, I was bored and surfing the net before going to sleep), I clicked on the link to view the website. To my surprise, the one posting those looks isn't just a person - but a whole community of makeup lovers!

In their homepage, you can see a feed of looks posted by the members of the site and you can "Like" them as well - Lookbook style!

From their "About" page:
What is Makeupbee?
- Makeupbee was created to celebrate makeup artistry, it is the community for sharing looks and discovering beauty products. Get inspired from looks created by makeup enthusiasts just like you and learn how to recreate them. Read reviews and recommendations from your favorite fellow makeup lovers around the world.
How does it work?
- You upload photos of your looks, and browse looks created by other makeup lovers.
- "Like" the looks created by others that inspire you, find out what products they used and how they created the look.
- Browse products and reviews by fellow makeup lovers
What can I use it for?
- Show the world your makeup artistry.
- Promote yourself if yourself and your blog, your youtube channel, your website if you are a freelance makeup artist, etc
- Be inspired by original creativity around the world
- Learn about and read reviews new products, share your favorite products

Sounds fun right? :P So if you decide to join, don't forget to follow me! My profile is still a bit empty but I'll be posting looks there soon. :) The site is still a bit slow, I'm guessing that it's because it's still in Beta, but that should be fixed soon enough!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday night FOTDs

Showing you some of the looks I did yesterday and last Saturday!

For the first look, I did that for this year's UP Law Bar Ops party. Met up with some batch mates from college who went on to law school, and can I just say, law school people party hard! I suppose it's because they don't really have time to go out with all their readings and stuff, so when they're out, they really make the most of it!

Anyway, the theme of the party was "Glow" and based on the event posters I saw, people were supposed to wear neon colors. Although when I got there, most people were wearing black! I didn't feel like wearing neon-colored clothes as well, but what I did put on are super bright, neon pink lips.

This picture doesn't do the color any justice. I'm wearing the OCC lip tar in Anime in all its neon-pink glory, but I must admit that the color is so hard to photograph! This is so much brighter in person, and my camera just can't handle it :P

For the next look, I wore this to a friend's birthday party just yesterday. I decided to focus on the eyes this time, and the best way to do that of course, is to wear a smokey eye!

Read on to see how I did the look and for a list of the products used :)


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