Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Cardboard Lashes + A Look with the said Lashes

Whenever I was bored back in college, I'd just go to my closet, grab some clothes, and stand in front of a full length mirror and style outfits that would range from overdressed for class, to just too crazy to wear for class. Nowadays I've grown sick of obsessing over clothes, so instead of styling outfits, I just play with makeup!

So here's a product of one of those boring nights... I was actually trying to come up with a look I can do for Halloween:

yes, those are 2-inch long falsies ;)

I got inspired by the makeup for the S/S 2012 show of Erickson Beamon which I saw HERE, although my version is a lot less glittery and much simpler. Upon closer inspection of the photographs, I noticed some strands of the lashes to have these white tear marks, the kind that appear when you tear colored paper, and that's when I got the idea to make my own cardboard lashes.

Read on for instructions on how I did it!

What you will need:

Black cardboard/paper - Make sure the one you're using isn't too thick, or too thin. Too thick, and you might have a hard time keeping your eyes open due to the heavy lashes, too thin, and the lashes might fall apart too quickly. Although I think it's safer to use thicker paper/cardboard, to also avoid the lash glue from dissolving the paper once it's applied. The cardboard I used was 190 gsm, and it was already a bit on the heavy side.

Scissors - Use the thin kind, since thick craft scissors will be hard to control for making the narrow lashes

Falsies - get one that fits your eye for use as a template

How to do it:

Trace the falsies on your black cardboard like so:

Then cut up the falsies in this shape, with the width of the traced falsies as your base. I only made five strands, but if you want more, you can make the strands thinner.

Fan out the strands so that the base of the falsies would be the same shape as your lash line.

Bend out the lashes so that they'll curve upward, just like the shape of curled lashes. Since this is just paper, it would be very easy to bend it out to your desired shape, but make sure you don't fold it sharply to avoid check-mark-shaped lashes (unless that's the look you're going for).

And that's it! Pretty easy for something that looks so crazy ;)


  1. That is a cool idea !! Thank you !! I will try it too !! Greetings from Argentina. TIGRA.

  2. Very fun DIY! I never thought to do this myself. Maybe I'll try for the more avant garde looks I'll eventually try to do!!


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