Friday, September 9, 2011

Lookbook for Makeup Junkies -

If you "Like" Sugarpill Cosmetics on Facebook, chances are, you've already seen them feature some looks from If you don't, just a short background: Sugarpill often features people using their products by linking their FB followers to the said person's blog/website/youtube channel, etc.

The thumbnails of the makeup looks featured always interested me since there were a lot of lovely looks, which all the while had me thinking that the person behind that website was very creative for coming up with so many different looks. So one boring day (rather, it was night, I was bored and surfing the net before going to sleep), I clicked on the link to view the website. To my surprise, the one posting those looks isn't just a person - but a whole community of makeup lovers!

In their homepage, you can see a feed of looks posted by the members of the site and you can "Like" them as well - Lookbook style!

From their "About" page:
What is Makeupbee?
- Makeupbee was created to celebrate makeup artistry, it is the community for sharing looks and discovering beauty products. Get inspired from looks created by makeup enthusiasts just like you and learn how to recreate them. Read reviews and recommendations from your favorite fellow makeup lovers around the world.
How does it work?
- You upload photos of your looks, and browse looks created by other makeup lovers.
- "Like" the looks created by others that inspire you, find out what products they used and how they created the look.
- Browse products and reviews by fellow makeup lovers
What can I use it for?
- Show the world your makeup artistry.
- Promote yourself if yourself and your blog, your youtube channel, your website if you are a freelance makeup artist, etc
- Be inspired by original creativity around the world
- Learn about and read reviews new products, share your favorite products

Sounds fun right? :P So if you decide to join, don't forget to follow me! My profile is still a bit empty but I'll be posting looks there soon. :) The site is still a bit slow, I'm guessing that it's because it's still in Beta, but that should be fixed soon enough!

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