Sunday, September 18, 2011

Makeup for Glasses + A Review on the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

I used to not like liquid eyeliners since they look too harsh on the eyes -- the end result emphasizes the eyes just a bit too much, in my opinion. And it's not only the eye that's enhanced, but also any signs of tiredness it currently has, be it puffiness, eye bags, discolorations, etc. For the simple fact that I'm too lazy to wear eyeliner AND concealer/foundation (on regular days) at the same time, I stayed away from these liquid eyeliners.

That is, until I started wearing glasses.

The ones I use now are supposedly for corrective purposes, so the optometrist advised that I should wear them for at least a year, or until my eye grade gets better (it's only 25/20, btw). At first, whenever I wanted to wear light eye makeup for daytime, I would remove the glasses since why wear makeup if no one would see it, right? I wasn't used to having glasses at that time, so it didn't occur to me to intensify my eye makeup yet. But as months went by and I became more comfortable wearing my glasses during the day than not, it finally dawned on me that my eye makeup should be the one adjusting to my four-eyed status and not the other way around!

Hence, I bring you the liquid eyeliner + eyeglasses look:

Compare it to this picture, with the same eyeliner look but without the glasses:

The liner doesn't look as thick and the eye bags are less pronounced with the glasses right?

So that ends the first part of this post, I just wanted to prove a point, haha. Read on for my review on the Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner!

I tweeted before that I lost this eyeliner, although it turns out that I only misplaced it -- I put it with my stack of lipliners. I didn't find it until after a week when I decided to sharpen all of my lipliners and found it hidden there. So anyway, I found it now, and here's the review!

What I like about it:
This stuff is long-lasting, and once fully dried, it doesn't smudge even in terribly humid weather. I also like the consistency of the liquid eyeliner itself, it dries fast, and the end result is a nice, inky, matte black.

What I don't like:
The applicator is a bit of a hassle to use if you want make thicker lines. It does pretty well for thin lines, but it doesn't apply as well when used for thicker lines which is what I usually do at the outer edge of my eye to make it look longer and less round. The applicator often ends up erasing whatever line that was already underneath before it was layered on, even if it is used very lightly. I attribute this to the sponge-type pointed applicator. Due to the fact that this stuff dries fast after the initial application of the liner, the remaining liquid also dries as well which makes the tip just slightly more abrasive to the eyelid+eyeliner, causing it to rub off a bit of the eyeliner once it is layered over when the line underneath is not yet fully dried. Since the liquid dries fast, and the sponge tip seems to absorb a lot of the liquid eyeliner before it is transferred to the eye, my guess is that this stuff will not last long since I keep on dipping the tip into the pot during application.

This liquid eyeliner would be best for fine lines. From experience, this is also best when used lightly in order to get an even line. Contrary to my makeup instincts, putting more pressure on the applicator does not wield more product on the eye, instead, the line becomes streaky and uneven with more product appearing on the edges of the line than in the middle. Slightly thicker lines can still be achieved without layering, and the easiest way I get this is when I lower the angle of the tip against the eyelid so that a bigger surface area of the tip will come in contact with the eyelid. Overall, I think this is a pretty good liquid liner, it just so happens that the applicator doesn't do so well for my eye shape. For people with flatter eyes, I'm guessing that this would be an even better liquid eyeliner for them.

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  1. Nice review! I'm glad that it worked out for you :) I was hoping this eyeliner would be a HG for me, but I didn't like it at all. I wrote a review on this product as well... Come check it out @ !

    Lisa @



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