Saturday, October 15, 2011

Digiperm experience at Tony and Jackey

When you've had the same type of hair since forever, it's hard not to get sick of it.

Untouched hair circa 2008

So back in 2009, I started changing it up a bit.

Please excuse the face. Haha. Shortest hair ever since 4th grade. Summer 2009

Went light brown in Late 2009

A year (and 4 shades lighter than black) later, I decided it's time for phase 2 of my hair abuse. Time for a perm! Unfortunately my hair was only up to my shoulders then so I had to do some waiting first before it was long enough for the kind of curls I wanted.

Fast forward to September 2011, my hair was finally long enough for a perm. (This pic is actually from earlier in 2011 but it's pretty much the same length)

My hair now. 

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It was a Sunday when I called the Beautybrick Salon to try to book an appointment for the same day, I wanted to try that salon due to the really good reviews they had for digiperms. Unfortunately, they were closed on Sundays. I didn't want to wait another week to get the perm, so I decided to just go to Tony and Jackey in Tomas Morato.

Last time I was in that salon was a year ago, so I was surprised to find that they now have these "smart mirrors" where you can surf the net, check out various hairstyles, and even have your before and after makeover photos taken!

To start off, I showed THIS to my stylist so she'd get an idea of how I wanted my curls to look like. She told me you couldn't get that hairstyle without blow drying your hair with a specific method, but she also promised to teach it to me afterwards.

After explaining what I wanted, the stylist went on to cutting my hair. She gave me a layered cut where the front was shorter than the back, although it wasn't the usual layered cut where the ends of the hair would sort of form a diagonal line. The line formed at the ends was more of stair-like, and now that I think about it, it makes sense since that type of haircut would avoid giving me a triangle-head once the volume of the curls is added.

Since I already had my hair colored multiple times, I opted to get a hair treatment also to prevent further damage to the ends.

After the treatment, it was time for the digiperm! The stylist and her assistants applied some chemicals in my hair then placed it in rollers and clipped it to their digiperm machine.

A friend told me I looked like I was being attacked by aliens in this picture, haha.

After about 20mins, they took off the clips, but proceeded to apply some other chemical to my hair.

After soaking it in some more stuff, they proceeded to wash my hair again, then blow drying.

And it's done!

At the start, the assistant told me that the entire process (treatment + perm) would take about 3 hours, but in my case it only took 2 and a half hours. I suppose my hair was easy to perm and wasn't too thick which is why we finished earlier than expected. Digiperms at Tony and Jackey cost Php 3000 for any length.

A week later, this is how my hair looks like without any styling.

You can actually retain the Goldilocks-like quality of your hair, but it'll take some extra effort. I think I'll post a separate entry on how to style digipermed hair. Watch out for it! :)


  1. Oooh nice review! Thinking of getting my ever-so virgin thick straight black hair the korean-way (at T&J), lol!

  2. Thank you! Up to you if you's really want to start getting treatments that can damage your hair, but as for me, 6 months later after my first korean salon perm, I still love it! They're more of loose waves now though, but definitely no regrets :)



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