Thursday, October 6, 2011

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer

I still remember the last post I made on getting new moisturizer since I've run out, and once again, I'm making another for the same reason. I'm beginning to think that moisturizers would be my most-reviewed type of skincare product!

A few months ago, Neutrogena released the Hydro Boost skincare line, though I'm not here to tell you all about it since I have no idea how exactly the line works. LOL. What I do know is that they promoted heavily via pinay fashion and beauty bloggers, and guess what, it worked! On a visit to Watsons, I went home with a jar of the water gel moisturizer from the line.

Even before buying this though, I already noticed the counter that Neutrogena had for this in their SM department stores. My first impression of it from just viewing the counter and their promotional materials was that it suspiciously looked like a knockoff of the Clinique moisture surge, as it seemed to promise the same kind of claims, and even the packaging looked similar (but with different colors of course). This only got me interested in it even more, since if I can get a cheaper version of the one from Clinique, then this would be perfect!

Read on for the review :)

What I like about it:
Even if I don't have oily skin, I can already tell that this stuff would be perfect for people with it. The stuff dries fast, and is also very light and non greasy. It's also excellent as a makeup base since the skin instantly feels smoother once it's applied. The finish is actually almost the same as Smashbox' Photo finish primer, but without the skin-filler characteristics of the primer.

What I don't like:
I've read some other reviews on this moisturizer, and it seems we all agree on what we don't like about this: the smell. It's quite strong once you apply it, and that isn't even the worst part. To me, it smells like dishwasing liquid combined with some other body soap, and that's not a good thing for a moisturizer. Another thing I don't like is that this doesn't feel as moisturizing as I thought it would be. With all the line's claims that its Hyaluronic acid component will keep the skin moisturized (200% more if I remember correctly), it just doesn't feel that way to my normal/dry skin. Although I don't have any dry patches when using this, it doesn't make my skin feel soft and healthy the way other moisturizers do either.

I'd give this a neutral rating rather than a positive one, but that's mostly due to my skin type. This moisturizer would be much, much better on people with oily or combination skin, and not for people who need some  extra reinforcement when it comes to skin hydration. This is also better used right after taking a shower or washing your face, so that the moisture would be better locked in since this is no Clinique moisture surge - don't expect it to hydrate your face if you're in skin-dehydrating environments, like plane cabins.

I'm guessing that maybe I should've gotten the serum from the line instead, or use them together, but oh well. I'm still using it mainly for the finish, since my skin does look slightly better with it due to it's primer-like aspects. This is really great under makeup!


  1. Cheska! Love your blog :) I have a question you might be able to help with. I use a gel moisturizer before bb cream. I also have primer, but don't know when or how should it be applied. Also, how do serum or essence come in the picture? Thanks a lot! Ching

  2. Hi Ching! Primer is meant to be used before makeup (but after moisturizing), so that you'll have a smoother base to put makeup on, and also to ensure that it lasts longer. It also acts as a barrier from the makeup that you'll pile on your face. This gets confusing when primer is used with BB cream though, since BB cream is a kind of tinted moisturizer but with more vitamins and skin benefits. If you're using BB cream for the benefits, I suggest that you don't use primer before it to make sure that the vitamins are more absorbed by the skin, however if the kind you're using leans toward a light foundation then its ok to use a primer before it.
    As for serums, they're more concentrated versions of creams and moisturizers but offer no protection against the elements. It's best to use them at night, or right after cleansing underneath the other skin products.
    Hope this helps!!



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