Monday, October 31, 2011

OCC Lip Tar review + mixing post

This is a long overdue post, though not without reason. I got these lip tars back in August but only got to make this mixing post now because the colors are SO HARD to photograph!! I really don't understand why, I suppose the colors are too intense for my digicam? I'm no profressional photographer so I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get accurate photos of the color. At first I thought it was because of the dark/cloudy August and September weather so I was waiting for the weather to clear up so I could take photos in bright and natural lighting. Come the end of October, the weather is finally sunnier, but I still couldn't take proper photos. Anyway I decided to just post this and compensate by adjusting the colors through Photoshop, haha.

OCC lip tars (L-R) in Feathered, Rx, NSFW, Petty Beige, and Anime

I got these colors because I figured I could just mix these to get the colors I wanted. Now I think I'm just missing black (for making darker shades) and yellow/orange (to make coral shades), then I'd have all the basic colors I need.

Now for some swatches:

The colors of Petty Beige and Anime are a bit off in this photo, Petty Beige should be lighter and slightly more neutral-toned, while Anime should look less orange-y

Petty Beige and NSFW

NSFW and Anime

Feathered and Rx

Since there's no OCC store in the Phils, and I didn't want to buy through their website, I bought my lip tars from Hoops and Loops in Facebook. They still have a few on hand as of today, just in case you're from the Philippines and want to order! :)

Continue reading for the review and combinations>>

What I love about these:
These lip tars are super pigmented so you only need the tiniest bit for your entire lips. The color on your lips also will look exactly as how it looks like on the tube, as long as you don't apply it sheer. I love how versatile this is, the finish on the lips actually depend on how much you apply. Putting it on very sheer will result in a matte lip stain-like finish, then putting the appropriate pinhead-sized amount would result in a satin-y finish.

What I don't like:
The color tends to bleed or feather on the lips if you put too much, so be careful that you don't use more than the recommended pinhead-sized amount.

Although I really love these lip tars, I don't really recommend people to buy this if they don't plan on mixing colors. I do this all the time with lipsticks especially when putting makeup on other people, so mixing in liquid form is so much more convenient for me. But for people who are not into customizing colors so much, this is a bit of a hassle (and a mess) to use. Since this is so pigmented, it's very easy to stain things that come in contact with it. My white palette and spatulas are actually tinged with pink now, and I think it's already permanently stained by the lip tar. As for putting it on directly to your lips straight from the tube, I only recommend this if you're using a single color for yourself only. So if you don't like cleaning up after every application, it's better to skip this and just use normal lipstick instead.

Now for the mixes... 

Since my camera can't capture the colors very accurately, I decided to put a bar above the actual swatch with a color that I think is a more accurate representation.

This is a light and more cooler toned pink

This combination would yield a very dark pink

This color is similar to the Anime + Feathered combination, but is a warmer tone

This is a good neutral lip combination, if you need a very natural "my lips but better" color, this would be it.

So that's it for now, I'll do another mixing post when I figure out how to photograph the colors properly! :)


  1. I think that you justify the photos actually, Thanks for the visit.
    Sorry for the late hop, my domain keeps bugging me.

    Fit and Fashion Mom

  2. hi there! WHere can I find OCC lip tar here in the Philippines? Thanks

  3. Hi Sarah!! I buy my OCC lip tars online. My favorite seller for this is Hoops and Loops on facebook, they still have a few shades on hand. You can check them out here:
    You can also try Kalm Cosmetics if Hoops and Loops doesn't have the shade you want, they have a regular pre-order sched with cutoffs every 10th and 25th of the month. Check them out here:
    Hope this helps!! :)



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