Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick post: Brow look using the MUFE Eyebrow corrector

I posted a review on the Makeup Forever Eyebrow Corrector a week ago although I wasn't able to post pictures on how it looks like on my brows. So in case you're interested, check out the pictures below!


Eyeshadows are from the UD Naked Palette. Dark brown eyeliner is from Prestige Cosmetics.

Then I put a drop of the corrector on the back of my hand - I know I said in the review for the corrector that you'll save more product if you use a palette or spatula, but I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to bring out my palette.

A pinhead-sized amount is enough if you use a palette or spatula, but since I used the back of my hand, I used about 1 and 1/2.

Coat a side of your spoolie with the corrector. It's also easier to use if you bend the spoolie tip at a slight angle so your hands don't have to adjust as much to the angle of your brows.

FINISHED brows! If you noticed, there's not much definition at the edges of my brows since the spoolie technique is better for tinting brows and filling them in. I don't mind though, since again, I was in a hurry, and also I wasn't going to be photographed for a photoshoot where bright lights might wash out my eyebrows.

This looks much neater than the before picture, right? :)

This is me, about 7 hours later.

My brow color looks different due to the lighting, but they still look nice and groomed!

Ok, that's it! Have a great Monday! :)

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