Sunday, October 2, 2011

Strong brows for S/S 2012 + A review on the MUFE Eyebrow Corrector

The spring/summer 2012 fashion week season is almost at an end, but one beauty trend that has emerged across New York and Milan catwalks are strong brows.

From bushy...

 To heavily drawn-on...

Looks like this is going to be a look that would be all over magazines a few months from now! So because of the whole full brows beauty trend, I felt like doing a review on The Makeup Forever Brow Corrector which I bought a few months ago. I haven't used it much until recently when I found that it's actually the easiest and fastest way to get groomed, shapely, and full-looking brows.

Read on for the review! :)

(From the Makeup Forever website)
What it is:
Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector is a waterproof eyebrow defining cream that shapes and intensifies brows. With its creamy texture, corrections are subtle and the brows look natural.
The result remains flawless throughout the day and holds up under all conditions (water, heat, etc). 
How to apply:
Apply a small amount of Corrector on the back of your hand or a spatula.
Use the slanted brush to fill in any sparse areas, then blend for a natural result.
Use the fine brush to make very precise corrections hair by hair, or for the brow tip.
Remove with a waterproof eye make-up remover.

I got the corrector in shade 0. I forgot the price though, sorry! But I think it's between Php 1200-1800.

What I love about it:
I got this because I lacked brow products in my kit in that certain shade, though I didn't use this so much at first on myself since I thought it was a bit dark for my hair color. But now that I've gotten it dyed a darker shade, it's perfect! This stuff is also long lasting, I've tried it during 10-hour work days, and by the time I get home, it's still there. The container is small, but it will actually last you a very long time since you need just a tiny amount for both brows - a pinhead-sized drop is enough. Although what I love most about this is that it's perfect for multi tasking. Brow pencils are good for defining brows, brow powders for making them appear fuller, and brow tints to color the hair - but this stuff, when used with the right tools, can do all three.

What I don't like:
I don't really have much to say for this portion, the only thing that I don't like about the MUFE brow corrector is that it dries too fast. Since you don't apply the corrector to the brows directly, it's possible that it might dry a bit even before the corrector is applied to the brows, and that causes some wastage. But I read somewhere that makeup products that dry fast also last longer, so I guess this really isn't a bad thing - just work fast!

To avoid waste, use a palette, spatula, or any clean, flat, and non-absorbent surface to dot the product on first. You can use your hand of course, but from my experience, the corrector dries too fast on my hand and ends up getting absorbed by it, so I end up using more product than if I applied the product to a palette first. It's also not a good idea to put this on your applicator directly since you might put too much in one brow. For using with brushes, I also find that it's better to use a not-so-thick eyebrow brush, since the thicker ones tend to absorb product. For some reason the MUFE eyebrow brush applies this better than other brushes I've tried, although I only got to use the MUFE brow brush in the store since I don't own one. Though my favorite way of applying this is by using a spoolie. This is actually what you should use to tint the brows, but with just a bit more pressure, it's enough to make the brows look fuller and more groomed as well. Just put a dot of the product on your hand/palette/spatula, coat the side of the spoolie evely, then wriggle it through your brows. This is perfect when you're in a hurry but you want neat and full brows! Just make sure that your brows are already shaped, since the spoolie technique won't help in giving brows definition.

And that's it! This is totally worth it if you like nice eyebrows :)


  1. Hi Cheska! Got your blog link from Ms. Jill's blog! My makeup artist for my wedding used that MUFE Brow Corrector on me, and my golly, I love it! I remember Ms. Jill mentioning this in class. :) And now that I read your review, I love it even more! Mapag-ipunan nga to!


  2. Hi Dea! You have a blog!! I got this because I remembered Ms. Jill mentioned this also, haha :)



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