Thursday, November 24, 2011

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

I think it was Kevyn Aucoin who said that for most women, all we really need for coverage on the face is a bit of concealer and some powder. Foundation isn't really necessary unless your face would be under great scrutiny - kind of like when you work as a professional model, actress, etc. If you're a makeup junkie or just someone who can't leave the house without being fully made up, this does seem a bit hard to accept - but it's also possible that you're just not using the right products. However, this powder is definitely one of the "right" actually makes me believe that going out without foundation (or heavier coverage) is possible! :D

Okay, this is beginning to sound like a cheesy ad, click on the "Read more" link below to get on with the review...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Repost: Angelina Jolie Cat Eyeliner Flick Make-up Tutorial

Remember my post on wanting Angeline Jolie-ish cat eye makeup? I almost laughed out loud when I saw this video, it was as if the creator of the video read my mind!

Video is from Pixiwoo on Youtube

I was actually thinking of making a tutorial for a look like this since this has been my default look recently. It's a notch above lazy girl makeup, but is still easy enough to do for busy girls. But lo and behold, there's already a video on it!

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

In the mood for glitter

Ever since I saw this video from Michelle Phan last year, I've been dying to do a look using glitter:

Isn't the look really pretty?? I've watched this video so many times because I really love how the glitter looks like on the eyes!

The only problem is, I have no idea on where to get cosmetic grade glitter (the kind that's safe for use near the eyes) here in the Philippines. The closest I could get to glitter here are the shimmery loose powders that a lot of big brands and mineral makeup sellers have, the only problem with that is that you really wouldn't get the same level of sparkle that real glitter has.

I've tried searching online, and so far, what I found that was interesting and also had good reviews was the BarryM Dazzle Dust, which was available for preorder through Hoops and Loops on Facebook. Too bad (or maybe lucky for my wallet) the waiting time was too long, so I got turned off from buying it.

Next option was to ask relatives from abroad to buy the glitter. Since my mom was going home from Canada, I asked her to get some for me, and this is what I ended up with:

Make Up Forever Glitter

I didn't even know that Make Up Forever had glitter before I got this! Anyone know if this is locally available?

Got it in 4 colors - #1, #2, #6, and #7

#1 Gold (metallic yellow gold)

#2 Silver (metallic silver)

#6 Green (metallic teal glitter)

#7 Red (bright metallic berry red)

Click for more pictures>>

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dress Code Shoot

Here's a shoot I did for work...meaning my non makeup-related job, ok? :)

I did makeup for some materials that I think our HR would be using for new hires, to show some Do's and Don'ts about our office dress code.

Peg for the makeup is just a natural, "polished" look.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Contouring with the MAC Blush in Harmony

Do you contour your face when doing your own makeup? Personally, I didn't even know much about this before attending makeup school, but now, I feel like it's a must whenever I do full makeup on myself! I suppose it has a lot to do with wanting my cheek bones to look more defined, which in effect also makes my face look thinner, haha. Well anyway, this post is about my favorite contouring product these days - the MAC Blush in Harmony.

For the benefit of people who aren't that much familiar with contouring (and highlighting), check out this very informative video made by Petrilude on YouTube:

On to the review! >>

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to get lighter brows (without bleaching!)

Do you have dark hair and want to get it lightened, but you're afraid of getting dark brows that are too far from your head's hair color?

This was definitely a problem for me when I first got my hair dyed lighter, I just didn't know what to do with my brows! I know some people who have really sparse brows where this wouldn't be a problem, but for us who have brows that will turn bushy if not maintained, it's a big challenge. Of course you can get it dyed along with your hair, but since hair will grow out, the brows would be left without dye while hair on the head remains colored, except at the roots.

I was about to give up on dyeing my hair just because of the problem of matching the color to my brows, until I went to a MAC store and had a salesperson recommend my brow saver -- the MAC Brow set in Girl Boy. The salesperson said that it was their bestseller at that time for getting artista brows ala Mariel Rodriguez. This shade doesn't match my hair anymore, though I still use it when doing heavy eye makeup so that the attention would be drawn to the eyes, and not the brows.

 So here's a tutorial on how I use it, as requested by Ivy!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fairy tale (kind of love) shoot

Haven't posted shoots I did in a while, so here's another one!

My friend Lance shot these, and from the photos I've posted before that were also by him, you'd notice that he really likes his themed shoots. This one's no different.

Read on for more photos!>>

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This year I just did simple looks for Halloween since I didn't really feel like dressing up... But who knows, maybe next year I'll get inspired to wear bongga Halloween costumes ala Heidi Klum also!

But for now, here's what I did this year:

Wore this to work last Friday... Not really makeup-intensive

Toned down 80s makeup for another party... My hair already got a bit flattened by the time I took this picture

I also tried doing "special effects" last week:

The big gash on the left was made using spirit gum + crumbly tissue paper, and the smaller one on the right was made with layered on eyelash glue. Both topped with some foundation, face paint, and eye shadows. 

Got the idea of trying this out since my friend Lance wanted me to do Zombie makeup for him, though he didn't want it too messy, just a bit of gore and that's it. This is what he ended up with:

No eye makeup here yet. We were just testing how the "wound" looked like in photos.

Sunken dead eyes... check!

So that was my Halloween this year! How did yours go? :)


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