Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This year I just did simple looks for Halloween since I didn't really feel like dressing up... But who knows, maybe next year I'll get inspired to wear bongga Halloween costumes ala Heidi Klum also!

But for now, here's what I did this year:

Wore this to work last Friday... Not really makeup-intensive

Toned down 80s makeup for another party... My hair already got a bit flattened by the time I took this picture

I also tried doing "special effects" last week:

The big gash on the left was made using spirit gum + crumbly tissue paper, and the smaller one on the right was made with layered on eyelash glue. Both topped with some foundation, face paint, and eye shadows. 

Got the idea of trying this out since my friend Lance wanted me to do Zombie makeup for him, though he didn't want it too messy, just a bit of gore and that's it. This is what he ended up with:

No eye makeup here yet. We were just testing how the "wound" looked like in photos.

Sunken dead eyes... check!

So that was my Halloween this year! How did yours go? :)

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