Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to get lighter brows (without bleaching!)

Do you have dark hair and want to get it lightened, but you're afraid of getting dark brows that are too far from your head's hair color?

This was definitely a problem for me when I first got my hair dyed lighter, I just didn't know what to do with my brows! I know some people who have really sparse brows where this wouldn't be a problem, but for us who have brows that will turn bushy if not maintained, it's a big challenge. Of course you can get it dyed along with your hair, but since hair will grow out, the brows would be left without dye while hair on the head remains colored, except at the roots.

I was about to give up on dyeing my hair just because of the problem of matching the color to my brows, until I went to a MAC store and had a salesperson recommend my brow saver -- the MAC Brow set in Girl Boy. The salesperson said that it was their bestseller at that time for getting artista brows ala Mariel Rodriguez. This shade doesn't match my hair anymore, though I still use it when doing heavy eye makeup so that the attention would be drawn to the eyes, and not the brows.

 So here's a tutorial on how I use it, as requested by Ivy!

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First off, start with shaping brows. Pluck/thread/shave/wax to get the desired shape. I'm not gonna delve in to that, but you can watch THIS for some guidance.

My brows, free of product

Next, fill in the brows with a light colored pencil. I prefer using a pencil for this instead of powder since it makes the brow shape really defined. Also, avoid using the liquid brow correctors since this would interfere with the brow set from getting on to the brow hairs. The color of the pencil would depend on how light you want your brows to be, but a safe color would be a taupe brow pencil. When in doubt, choose the lightest color away from your hair color so that in case you over-fill in your brows or use a heavier hand, the brows wouldn't end up overpowering the face.

I'm using MAC brow pencil in Dirty Blonde to fill in my brows

brow on the left done, right one still bare

both sides filled in

I felt like doing full brows here

After filling in the brows, it's time to use the brow gel. Applying this is similar to applying mascara. Start at the base of the brow, then wriggle it upwards, then downwards after the arch, in the direction of the arrows in the photo below:

The objective here is to coat the hairs with the brow gel (hence the wriggling) and grooming it also at the same time so that the hairs are all in one direction (what the arrows above are for).

As much as possible, keep the gel on the hairs only, and avoid contact with the skin. 

Left brow done!

Then, do the other brow:

And you're finished!

I find that this is the best way to do a full brow look without making the brows look too heavy. Of course, if you don't want to do full brows, just lighter eyebrows, you can use a lighter hand with the brow pencil. Just stick to defining the shape of the brow, and not so much of filling in the brows.


  1. Thanks for this post, Cheska! Kainggit kilay mo! I have light brown hair na medyo may blonde streaks and my brows are too dark to match it. I will really follow this tutorial!

  2. Thanks Ivy!! Product yan ng 8 years of tweezing practice, haha.

  3. really helpfull, how much did u spend on the product.. the brow set?

  4. Hi! Sorry I can't remember the exact price anymore, but it's around Php900 :)

  5. hi cheska! i don't have a blog but i'm fond of reading makeup reviews (but i will follow your blog when i create my own soon). i find celebrities' eyebrows are lighter and are thicker and it makes them look younger like pia guanio, sarah geronimo, rachelle ann go etc. i thought they went to a salon just to have it done but never did i think that it was just actually the right eyebrow makeup. this would really help me because i also have a very thick strands of eyebrow. i'll go to mac and search for it. can't wait :-)

  6. Hi! Yes, thicker brows do make girls look younger :)

  7. Hey cheska! Nice post :) Pls check out my blog as well.. :)



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