Thursday, November 24, 2011

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

I think it was Kevyn Aucoin who said that for most women, all we really need for coverage on the face is a bit of concealer and some powder. Foundation isn't really necessary unless your face would be under great scrutiny - kind of like when you work as a professional model, actress, etc. If you're a makeup junkie or just someone who can't leave the house without being fully made up, this does seem a bit hard to accept - but it's also possible that you're just not using the right products. However, this powder is definitely one of the "right" actually makes me believe that going out without foundation (or heavier coverage) is possible! :D

Okay, this is beginning to sound like a cheesy ad, click on the "Read more" link below to get on with the review...

Laura Mercier also has a variant of the setting powder without talc, though I got this one since the SA told me that this is better for oil absorption than the one without. Also, I'm not sensitive to this ingredient, but if you are, better opt for the talc-free version.

I got this at Sephora while in Canada, but at Rustan's I think this is about Php 1700++.

What I love about it:
This powder is meant to "set" makeup but it can still do a great job of evening out the appearance of skin on its own. This is also so finely milled which makes it foolproof during application - even if you pile it on, it doesn't look cake-y. The face just ends up looking more matte than if this was applied very lightly. I also love the amount of product you get, I actually spilled half of the powder on the floor (a disaster, I know), but even if that happened, I can still see that there's enough left to last me for more than a year. This also photographs beautifully! It has a soft-focus effect on the face, and definitely no worries on getting a whitish cast when you have this powder on.

What I don't like:
When I said that this is still great even on its own, what I meant was when using this without concealer or foundation underneath. But for people with dry skin, it can make the skin look dull if no moisturizer is used before the powder.

Never spill this!!! Haha. Other than that, if you have dry skin and won't be using a foundation or concealer with this, make sure you put on some moisturizer first before applying the powder if you don't want your skin to look ashy. Moisturizing primers would also work, but using silicone-based ones right underneath this without any foundation in between would be a bad idea. For people with oily skin, this is perfect! Don't be afraid to use more of the powder on your t-zone, as it helps in the oil absorption.

Check out some before and after shots of me using the powder:

Only thing I have on my face is moisturizer, a highlighter under the eyes, then liquid eyeliner and some lipstick 

And now with the powder! See the difference? Definitely no airbrushing on this one :)


  1. Wow you don't need any concealer at all! For setting my make-up I prefer a a translucent cake powder. Hassle kasi ang loose powder e.What concealer would you recommend for dark blemishes? Yung cheap lang ha!

  2. Hi there, I'm a new follower of your blog and I agree! You definitely don't need foundation every day. I just moisturize, prime and apply powder on "normal" days, and use foundation only when I've time during weekends or most especially, on special occasions. :)

  3. @ Denise Hi there! Thanks for following! :)

    @ ivy Look for the thick or creamy kind of concealers if you'll use them to cover blemishes, usually they're the ones in pots. Try NYX concealer in a jar! Price is Php300-400 depending on where you buy. You can order from Multiply sellers though I'm not sure which shop has it in stock in a shade that matches your skintone.

  4. Wow you don't need any cover-up at all! For establishing my make-up I choose a a transparent dessert dust. Stress kasi ang reduce dust e.What cover-up would you suggest for black blemishes? Yung inexpensive lang ha!

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