Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mang Ed's Falsies

One of the best suppliers I found out about when I went to makeup school is Mang Ed. You see, Mang Ed sells false eyelashes in bulk - and by bulk, I mean a minimum of 6 dozen pairs.

6 dozen pairs might seem too much, but for makeup artists, this is a kit staple.

Yesterday I ordered falsies from Mang Ed since my stock was almost out, so I also got to chat with him a bit. Making false eyelashes was originally the business of his wife, but eventually he started helping out more with this. And business seems to be really good, since he says he was able to send 3 kids to college because of it. Now he has a lawyer, an accountant, and a computer science graduate who turned into a makeup artist. Cool, huh? :)

Mang Ed supplies falsies to makeup artists and students of various makeup schools in the country since he is highly recommended by a lot of instructors. And there's no doubt on why the false eye lashes are highly recommended - they're affordable, and at the same time, the pairs that he and his wife makes are the most natural-looking falsies I've used so far. Definitely better than big brands like Ardell for example, in terms of producing false eyelashes that don't look too fake. The lashes are made of human hair but are not perfectly even - but that's what actually makes them very natural looking, since our lashes aren't in perfect or even lengths either.

Read on to check out the falsies!

Here are the ones that I bought:

Medium Lashes - these are the most commonly ordered lashes according to Mang Ed, since they're the kind that are used for bridal looks.

Dramatic lashes - these are used for more bold, evening looks.

Light lashes - the thinnest kind, used for no-makeup looks

Another version of the dramatic lashes - I got these in brown for a bold, but less intense look

Lastly, some thick Avante Garde lashes

They look the same as the dramatic lashes, but when compared, they're actually much bigger:

These falsies are packed in their signature cardboard boxes in pink, white, or tan that are held up by staple wires. Not much to look at, but since their target market for these lashes are makeup artists who would use them on clients and therefore throw the packaging right after, it makes sense.

The only drawback I can think of for these falsies is that sometimes there's too much glue used to stick the lashes to the cardboard. Just be careful in pulling these out since it might damage the band where the lashes are stuck to.

Mang Ed also sells their falsies in Landmark, and these are the ones that are packed in white boxes as they were requested by Landmark to do so. It's priced at around 40 pesos per pair when bought there though, so if you need a lot of pairs anyway, it's better to buy in bulk. It costs 300 pesos per dozen, with a minimum of 6 dozen pairs when ordering. Mang Ed delivers these himself for orders around Manila, just let him know where :)

For orders, text Mang Ed at any of these numbers: 09206209881 or 09275475772

Disclaimer: I'm not paid by Mang Ed to advertise the falsies that they sell, nor do I get freebies. I just really like what they're selling, ok? :P


  1. Wow andami!!! Looks very natural pa. I buy lashes from Hortaleza. Ganyan din pero cheaper ng 2-3 pesos depending on the thickness.

  2. Same packaging din? Baka galing din kila Mang Ed? Haha. Hmm I think I'll check out the ones from Hortaleza!

  3. Same packaging lang. Cheaper at pwedeng tingi. Yung iba green ang boxes. Same problem din I get with detaching them from the box nga e. Yung Hortaleza na nag-hahasa ng gunting ha.

  4. Oh my gosh!! I've been looking all over the place for the supplier of this! Thank you sooooo much, now I can buy in bulk. YAY! I'll never run out! *GIDDY!!!*


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  5. Hi Chrissy! Glad to be of help to you then! ;)

  6. How nice you also know Mang Ed! I love him. LOL I love skimming through your blog! Super insightful content :) I followed your blog! Hope you can visit my blog and follow too :) Thank you and looking forward to your next post!

    XOXO (

    1. Thanks Sabs!! I'm not able to update much these days, but definitely following your blog! :)



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