Thursday, December 29, 2011

Parks and Wildlife shoot

The weekend before Christmas, a photographer friend invited me to do makeup for a shoot for dresses designed by Myra Centeno (of Centeno Couture) at Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City. I'm not sure if I've been there before, but if I have, I don't remember it at all since when I first got to the park, I was surprised at how picturesque it was! No wonder a lot of photographers hold shoots there.

My models for the day were Sarah, Ame, and Charina. I don't have Charina's shots yet though, so here are Sarah's and Ame's photos for now:

This is Sarah. She's half-pinay, half-british, in case you're wondering. ;)

This is Ame. I love her sharp cheekbones!!

Ok that's it for Ame. But scroll down for more BTS photos! :)

Sarah before makeup

This is Charina


Myra giving Sarah some posing pointers

Sarah with her boyfriend

...aaand the whimsical shoot suddenly turned into a pre-nup. Haha!

Happy holidays!!! :)

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