Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Styling Digipermed Hair

Sorry for being MIA for weeks again!!! Now I shall compensate by posting a tutorial I mentioned months earlier when I first got a perm but never got around to making - a tutorial on how to style digipermed hair!

This look is for people who would want to keep the original Goldilocks-like quality of fresh-from-the-salon digipermed hair. Observe:

Neat curls right after the perm

Without styling, this is how my hair looks like:

Lots of waves and volume, but if you'd prefer to keep the original state of your digipermed hair, read on for the tutorial!

What you will need:

- A hairdryer
- Some medium or flexible hold hairspray

How to do it:

Right after showering, squeeze out the excess water from your hair. Do not towel dry if you don't want your hair to be a frizzy mess.

Now it's time to blow dry your hair! Start off by flipping your head and focusing the dryer on the roots of your hair. Blow dry for a few minutes or until the roots are a bit dry already, then flip your hair back again. The point of doing this is to create some volume for the hair which is especially important for people who have fine, stick-straight hair but got digiperms. The straight portion of the hair would tend to look flat against the head if it wasn't dried while upside down.

Next, separate your hair into sections. 5-7 sections would be enough, but this is dependent on how thick your hair is. Also, if you have bangs or shorter hair in front, make sure to make a separate section for this. I have really thin hair so 4 main sections plus 1 for the shorter hair in front is enough for me

After that, twirl your hair for each section. The ones in front near the face should be twirled outwards, away from the face, while the ones at the back should be twirled inwards, towards the face. Doing the different directions when twirling makes your curls look more natural.

Here's my hair after twirling all the sections. Rule of thumb when twirling the sections is that the thicker the section is, the more loose the curl would be. When in doubt, keep the thicker sections at the back of your head.

Bring your hair to the front after twirling everything.

Time to blow dry! Get a lock of hair and focus the dryer on that section first. While doing this, keep twirling your hair also in the direction that you originally set for it. Make sure to blow dry from the top of your head with the dryer facing downwards.

Do this for all hair sections. The length of time doing this would depend on how thick your hair is, but don't make your hair completely dry yet!

The reason why you shouldn't make your hair completely dry yet is because there's another blow drying technique you should do before your hair sets once it's dry. To make your curls more bouncy, cup your hand at the base of each section of hair then move your hand up while blow drying.

Imagine a spring that is stretched out to be your hair, what you're doing here is compressing the spring (or the curl on that lock of hair) to avoid it from being completely pulled down and straightened by gravity.

Scrunch your hair up while still blow drying, doing so also makes the curl less perfect, hence more natural looking. I prefer alternating between the twirling and cupping method until my hair is completely dry.

After drying, run your fingers through the base of the head and shake your hair a bit to keep the straight portion from looking plastered against the head. Be careful to do this only until before the part where the curl starts to avoid unraveling what you just twirled earlier.

From experience, the curls of digipermed hair loosens up as the day goes on and especially during humid weather, or if you get sweaty. To keep your hair looking like it was just blow dried, spritz some hair spray to each section for some extra staying power.

And that's it, you're done!

Again, this is my hair without any styling:

And this after blow drying:

Which look do you prefer? :)

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