Monday, January 16, 2012

Cute find: False Eyelashes Case

I was going around Daiso (the Japanese discount store) earlier today and found this case:

So cute right? Almost too cutesy for me, but at 66 pesos, I can forget about being too old for cutesy stuff. Haha!

In case you're wondering what it is, aside from the fact that it's a lavender plastic case with a pink bow on it, this case actually opens up into this:

It can be used for storing false eyelashes by sticking them in those curved portions in the case.

Perfect for having someplace to keep falsies that don't have cases that are as pretty!


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  2. I saw this too at Japan Home Store!!! I was tempted to buy it but I thought it was kinda unnecessary. Hehe. Oh well!!


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  3. Hi Chrissy! I was thinking too if I really needed it, then it occurred to me that I can still blog about it even if I don't use it that much. Haha! Weird priorities :))



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