Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011! (and some holiday looks)

2011 is the year I finally started a beauty blog after putting it off for so long since I didn't really want to start one because I doubted my writing "skills." In addition to that, I wasn't really expecting to have stuff to write about that would exceed 140 characters -- a reference to Twitter where I stuck to making "comments" on beauty related stuff before this blog. (On a related note, you can follow me on Twitter here)

A couple of months and a few reviews/features after, I'm still posting! I gotta be honest though, I'm completely on holiday mode right now, hence the lack of updates. My December was a whirl of reunions, parties, and relatives visiting from different countries added to my usual routine of work+lounging around so any beauty blog related stuff I have been doing was focused on my face. In short, I was just wearing more makeup than usual. With that, I give you a bunch of the holiday looks I did for the merry month of December:

Gold and Glitter

Deep(er) Set Eyes

Subtle Smokey

Purple/Brown/Silver Smokey Eyes

Okay enough of my face now!

Thank you so much to everyone who took some time to check out this little corner on the internet :)

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Hi Cheska! Looks like you spent a good part of December looking pretty! :)

    Happy New Year! Will follow you on Twitter. :)


  2. Thanks Dea! Happy New Year!! :D

  3. i love how you did your eyes.

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