Sunday, January 22, 2012

NYX Round Lipgloss in Vamp Red

Lipgloss is one of those makeup products that I've never really been a fan of. This is mostly due to the type of lips that I have, mine are rather full, pale, and uneven, so I never found the need to emphasize those less than desirable features with shiny lip products.

Clear lipgloss is the worst for me... when wearing it without any colored product underneath, I tend to look like I just ate something terribly oily and forgot to wipe my mouth with a napkin :(

But earlier this month, I was going through the Digital Traincase site to buy some other stuff and found out that the NYX Round Lipglosses were on sale... at 99 pesos only!!!

Why not try it, right? To be safe, I got the darkest shade that they had, to avoid that oily look that I always seem to get when wearing lipgloss.

I needed more dark lip products in my kit anyway. Read on for the review!

The lipgloss looks like a dark, brownish red from the tube, but when applied, you can see that it leans to more red than brown. There's also a subtle purple tinge to it.

When applied lightly, the lipgloss looks more like a liptint:

But when applied fully, it looks exactly like what the shade is named for: a vamp red.

This looks a bit bright on me, but it looks darker in real life.

What I like about it:
The best thing about this lipgloss is the price. Even when not on sale, it's still pretty cheap considering the color payoff that you get. And the color is also gorgeous! I think this shade can work for most skin tones especially since you can also adjust how it looks like by applying lightly or heavily.

What I don't like:
This lipgloss could get a little bit sticky after you reapply it, so if you're the type of person who can't stand that feeling, you probably shouldn't buy this. (There's a way around the stickiness though, just read about it in the recommendations!) As with the NYX round lipsticks, this also has that slight soapy smell, although it is much harder to detect compared to the lipsticks.

Although the lipgloss is non-drying, I find that you could get much more color payoff and much less stickiness if you use a lip balm underneath. The lip balm acts as a barrier between your lips and the lipgloss, which helps keep the lipgloss from being absorbed faster. I find that wearing a lip balm also makes the lipgloss last longer on the lips. Without one, it seems like I'd need to reapply the gloss after just an hour, but when using lip balm, it lasts for about 4 hours before you would need to reapply again. This is without eating or drinking of course, most of the color comes off when you do any of the two, but some of the gloss remains. As for application, it's a bit hard to even out the color if you apply by dotting the lipgloss, so it's better to swipe it on so that the color evens out faster. But I did notice that after about 30 minutes, the color also completely evens out by itself so I wouldn't really take the uneven application against the product.

This is the first NYX lipgloss that I've bought, but considering the value that I got from the vamp red shade, it definitely won't be the last. Now I'm excited to try more colors!

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