Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Online Shopping Haul

I've been staying away from buying makeup for a few months now, but this time, I finally gave in. And of course, the lure of online shopping and its convenience is just too great!!

The best part of online shopping... when your packages finally arrive!

Read on to check out the stuff that I got >>

From Digital Traincase:

Nicely wrapped in some packaging foam

Sleek Makeup Blush in Pomegranate and Rose Gold

NYX Lipstick in Almost Black

NYX Lipgloss in Vamp Red

Have you tried shopping from Multiply using their shopping cart feature? Digital Traincase has this feature and it's so quick and easy to use!

From Hoops and Loops on Facebook:

Packages are heavily covered in bubble wrap to avoid mishaps

BarryM Dazzledust in Charcoal

This seller has a bunch of BarryM cosmetics on hand. Check out their page!

I'm planning on doing a dark/gothic shoot soon, and realized that I didn't have a lot of dark products in my kit. Hence, the dark lip products and loose pigment.

And that's it. What was the last thing you bought online? :)

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