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Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold and Pomegranate

My previous review was about a makeup product that I wasn't really a fan of... and for this next one, it falls in the same category as well. I don't like wearing blush, simply because I'm lazy. I don't think that it's something girls need to use in order to look more decent than usual, even if I myself tend to look sickly pale when I've been away from the sun for a while. But these blush shades piqued my interest since I found the shades interesting, and they're affordable too! The time was ripe to get new blushes again. (A lame excuse, I know.)

Rose Gold is a peachy-pink shade with gold particles. I think this shade works for most skintones since peach-pink blushes are usually the most natural-looking blushes for skintones that are not in the extremes (not too light, and not too dark).

Pomegranate is a plum-pink shade with shimmer, although the shimmer isn't as noticeable when compared to Rose Gold.

Read on for the review!

When I first received the blush, I was disappointed by its size because it seemed tiny. I was expecting something bigger because the photos online seem to make it look bigger than it really is, but in reality, it's just about 2 inches wide. But don't let the looks deceive you since the pan is rather deep, and it actually has 8g worth of product! When compared to other blushes, MAC contains only 6g for about 3x the price of the Sleek Blush, while NYX contains 6.4g for about the same price. NARS, the brand to which Sleek blushes are most often compared to because of the packaging and the shades of the blushes that they have, only have about 4g of product for their full-sized blushes at 4x the price.

I bought the blushes at Digital Traincase for Php 450. From the Sleek Makeup website, they're 4.50 GBP.

What I like about it:
I love the value that you get with these blushes, since you get a lot for an affordable price. Quality-wise, both blushes are pigmented and looks really nice on the cheeks. They are also finely-milled so when applied, they blend easily into the skin.
For Rose Gold, except for the shimmer, it's the most natural-looking blush I've ever tried. The shimmer doesn't even look like shimmer, and from a non-personal-space-invading distance, it looks like a subtle sheen on the cheeks. Perfect for a dewy look! From even farther, you get that nice sunkissed glow as if you're wearing bronzer but without the tan.
For Pomegranate, it's a beautiful shade if you're going for a plum/berry look. It looks like a dusky pink from the photo that I took, but when applied, it's has more plum undertones.

What I don't like:
It's very difficult to open the case at first, I was afraid that I might damage the blush if I use too much force. I'm also disappointed by the longevity of the blush, I was expecting it to last longer than usual, but in that area, the blush was just average to me. From reviews that I've seen online, a lot of girls say that the Sleek blush is long lasting, but that is something that I didn't experience in my case - I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if my standards are too high. To be more concrete, I consider a makeup product long-lasting if it has very little fading for at least 4 hours, and by the 8 hour mark, it should still be visible. For these blushes, they were practically gone after 8 hours.
Specifically for the Rose Gold shade, I think it has a bit too much shimmer where it's possible that if you go overboard with the blush, the nice sheen can easily turn into shine - making your face look oilier than it really is. The shimmers in Rose Gold also tend to emphasize pores - usually mine aren't visible since I have dry skin, but this blush made them look slightly more visible than usual.

Pomegranate and Rose Gold

Buy these blushes if you're a blush junkie and tend to hit pan often because you use them a lot. These blushes are a great deal due to the price, amount, and quality that you get, and the shades are nice additions to any blush collection. Although if you have oily skin, I would advise you to not get the Rose Gold shade or just use it very sparingly since the shimmers tend to make your face look shinier than it really is, and make pores look even bigger than they really are. As for Pomegranate, it's not a very natural-looking blush, but why not get it just because it's beautiful? :)

Will do another post for the swatches and looks with the blush!

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