Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marionnaud Kabuki Powder Brush

Have you tried using Marionnaud brushes? I see them all the time when I'm in SM Department stores and have always wanted to try them since they do seem like high quality brushes. 

Well finally I bought their kabuki brush.

Read on for the review!

Got this brush at SM Department store for Php 499... not bad!

What I like about the brush:
This brush is exactly what I expected it to be - great for application of powder makeup, very dense, and feels smooth against the skin once you do sweeping motions. As for shedding, this brush was better than expected since the shedding was very minimal -- just a few bristles the first time I washed it, and no more after that. Though in my opinion, the best thing about this brush is the fact that it's of great quality and is readily available at Watsons and SM Department stores. Very accessible if you live in the Philippines! Usually the high quality brushes in this country are very expensive and can be bought from high end department stores and beauty specialty shops, or the affordable ones which are just available online from local sellers - the latter being difficult to find in the first place if you don't already know them.

What I don't like:
There's only one thing I don't like and it's because this brush can get scratchy if you do a stippling motion during application.

Buy this brush if you're looking for an affordable and really dense kabuki brush. I've seen cheaper kabuki brushes in SM department stores (usually synthetic ones) but they are all also much less dense. During application, make sure you make sweeping motions with the brush instead of stippling ones so you won't feel the scratchiness of the bristles. 


  1. I love Marionnaud brushes! I have 2 in my everyday makeup kit. The big angled brush which I use for foundation, blush, and contour application (works for liquid, cream, and powder)and the dual-ended brush which I use to line my eyes and brush my brows. Very cheap and lovely brushes. :)

  2. Did you get the premium or the regular angled brush? I got the regular angled one also, will do a separate review on it :D



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