Sunday, February 5, 2012

Olay Natural White: Healthy Fairness Day Cream

Being a beauty junkie in the Philippines, I think it's safe to say that it is almost impossible to ignore products that can whiten skin. Almost everything available here that you can apply to the skin has some form of whitening ingredient in them - from soaps, to creams, and even to powder foundation! Blame it on the beauty industry and mainstream media that imposes this "rosy white" beauty ideal to people who just aren't naturally so. There has been backlash to this of course, coming from people who insist that the Filipina's "golden tan" is much better than lightening skin into an unnatural shade.

On my end however, I have nothing against whitening products because the demand for this has brought about a wide array of cheap, yet effective creams that can fade marks that keep your skin from being clear and blemish free. Regardless of what side you are leaning to in the skin whitening debate, I think we all can agree that pockmarked skin is unattractive, right? :)

I got this Olay cream because I needed a new daily moisturizer that was cheap and had an acceptable amount of SPF. At first I was hesitant to get it because I was afraid that my face might end up getting lighter than the rest of my body if I used this...but then I figured that I can just stop using it if I get too light.

Read on for the review!

Sorry I can't remember the exact price... But I think it was around 200-400 pesos in Watsons. Been using this almost everyday for about 3 months, and I'm only halfway through the jar!

What I like about it:
I like the cream having an SPF of 24, which is higher than average for a drugstore product. Usually the drugstore moisturizers I see have an SPF of 15 only. There's also no sunblock scent, instead it's the usual Olay scent that is a bit floral but not chemical. Since I stay indoors most of the time due to work, I really can't test how well the sunblock works, though honestly I wouldn't want to test that either at the risk of sun damage :P
The lightening part of the moisturizer works too, though it's very subtle. I have been using it for about 3 months already, and I have barely gone a shade lighter, but it's very effective in lightening dark spots such as blemish marks. You have to be consistent in using it though, it took about a month of everyday use before my blemishes faded completely. Months after I first started using this, I can happily say that my face is pimple-scar free (though not blemish free since I have some new zits that need to clear up first before the Olay cream can work its magic -_-). Effective spot correctors are usually expensive, so this is a great option to clear up marks on the face without spending too much.

What I don't like:
This product has a heavy consistency, so it's easy to accidentally put more than what's enough for your skin. It's hard to spread on dry skin since it's a bit thick, and in turn, will make you end up putting more product just to cover the face. In effect, slathering this on combined with staying in a humid place will make you end up into a greasy mess - and I'm saying greasy instead of shiny because it's that bad.

To avoid putting too much of the cream on, it is best to use this right after washing your face while it's still damp. Using a facial spray before putting this on would work too, the important thing is to have a bit of water to thin out the thick consistency of the cream so that it will be easier to spread.
I'm guessing that this might be a contributing factor on why the skin lightening factor of the cream doesn't work that much since I end up diluting it. I don't mind though since I didn't buy it to get a shade lighter, and this would be otherwise too thick to use in the humid Manila weather.
Get this cream if you're looking for a multi-tasking product for daily use - a sunblock, moisturizer, and spot corrector in one. Don't get it if you're looking for a product that will lighten your face and neck area, or if you're looking for a sunblock for outdoor sports - unless you're willing to have a really greasy face.

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