Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etude House Baby Doll Puff

Once again, here's another Korean beauty product post... I was really happy with the Tony Moly Nutra-Energy serum so expect more Korean products in the future :)

Meet the Etude House Baby Doll Puff!

Isn't the packaging adorable? 

Here's how the puff/sponge looks like outside the box.


Read on for the review!

Ever since word has gotten around that the Beauty Blender is the must-have makeup tool for Hollywood makeup artists, cheaper dupes have been popping up as an alternative to the pricey sponge.

But since I can't justify spending 1000+ pesos on a sponge that I'll be throwing out after a few months (or maybe weeks), I won't be able to directly compare the Etude House Puff with the Beauty Blender because I don't have one. Although if you look at closeup photos of the Beauty Blender, the surface of the Etude House Puff is practically identical to it. Observe:

This sponge costs Php378. It's slightly cheaper compared to the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge which is another Beauty Blender dupe that costs around $10.

What I like about the sponge:
I love that this has no edges, so no worries on blending your foundation into the skin. This is practically foolproof if you want to have streak-free coverage, just make sure you apply the foundation using the bottom end of the sponge on the entire face. It also helps in making your foundation look more natural because of the texture of the sponge - up close, the tiny holes in the sponge mimic the pores of the skin and can help you have a more "airbrushed" look, rather than a "painted-on" one.

For 300+ pesos, it's not exactly cheap, but when you compare it to the beauty blender, this is a steal!

What I don't like:
The sponge tends to absorb a lot of product even when it's already damp. I use about twice the amount of liquid foundation compared to when using a brush. This also gets stained easily, which is difficult to remove even if you clean it thoroughly. Although I did notice that my cream foundation stained this more than my liquid foundations did.

Neutral comments:
The Etude House puff does fade after several washings, although I don't really mind since that's already to be expected.

For cleaning the sponge, dish washing liquid is enough to bring out the excess foundation that was absorbed by the sponge. And if you want to disinfect it as well, Joy Antibac dish washing liquid is a good choice! (Thanks to Julia of Blessmybag for the tip)
However I wouldn't recommend this sponge for daily use since it absorbs a lot of product and you'd end up spending more on foundation which can eat up what you might've possibly saved from getting this as a beauty blender alternative. But if your face needs to be flawless, and if you think there would be closer inspection of your makeup like in hi-res photographs or HD videos, I'd highly recommend you to get this. Definitely worth your money! :)

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