Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy Miracle Serum

The time when I feel like my skin is behaving at its worst is usually the time when I also end up buying products I haven't tried before that promise all sorts of wonders. At the end of January, I was due for a much needed facial, but for some reason I just end up not being able to go. To make up for my skin's dullness, I decided to buy the Floria Nutra-Energy serum with Argan oil from Tony Moly.

I'm often hesitant to buy non-mainstream asian beauty products even if I'm asian since they usually lack understandable product details or ingredients in english listed on the box, or on the back of the container. Somehow this just seems dubious to me, but I suppose I'm just being irrational of course! So props to Tony Moly for now including an English translation of the product details on the box. The Sales Assistant did mention to me that they're including English versions now for the newer products of their brand.

So this review would be my first venture into a Korean skincare product... The Etude House mask I bought before doesn't count of course, since I wouldn't really consider something I barely used as "skincare".

Read on for the review!

I mainly bought this serum because it contains Argan oil, an ingredient that is known to have benefits for the skin since it contains a high concentration of vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Read more about the benefits of Argan oil from my favorite "scientific" beauty blogger, Nicki Zevola HERE

The Tony Moly Philippines FB Page also has a listing of the main ingredients - this serum contains Argan oil, Paschal Candle, Eternal P stem cell extract, Phyto-oligo Hollyhock and Aloe extract and Safflower water.

Price is at Php 1288 for a 1.23 oz (35 ml) bottle.

What I like about it:
This product delivers exactly what you would expect from using something that has Argan oil - my skin is most definitely smoother and softer after a month of use! Unfortunately I can't give before and after photos of how my skin looks like since the effect is barely visible when you look at my face. However the major difference is when you touch it - those tiny bumps that make my skin rough to touch seem to have disappeared!
This would also last long since I would only need 1 pump for my entire face and neck - after a month of nightly use, I'm not even halfway through the bottle.

What I don't like:
This stuff contains oil after all, so it can make your face REALLY oily. The serum is also rather difficult to spread on dry skin - this is a major downside if you're not careful, since you can stretch your skin while spreading the product, which will in turn, cause wrinkles. To avoid this, it's advisable to use it on damp skin so that it can spread easier.

If you live in a warm, humid, country like the Philippines, it is best to use the product at night while sleeping since it takes a while to fully seep into the skin - usually around 8-10 hours, even in an airconditioned room. I tried it once during the day at work and my face was just so shiny, it was so terrible that I am definitely not doing that again! However when I went to Baguio for a weekend, I noticed that it got absorbed faster in the cooler climate - about 4-5 hours at 16-20 degrees Celsius temperature during the night. Following that line of thought, I'm guessing that you can probably use this during the day (without getting a horribly shiny face) in winter if you're having snow-y weather.
On days when I have less than 8 hours of sleep and therefore the product was not fully absorbed, I also noticed that even if I wash off the product on my face and neck, a bit of it remains since my skin retains a dewy glow for the rest of the day. Take note however that I just use a gentle skin cleanser (I use Cetaphil) so using a heavy duty cleanser may be able to remove it completely.

Don't expect immediate results with this product since it took me about 2 weeks of nightly use to be able to feel a subtle difference in the skin texture, and at least a month for a more noticeable difference. I also didn't break out with this product, but if you do have sensitive skin, it's better to do a patch test since there are testers available anyway at Tony Moly stores.

Get this product if you have dull, dry, skin and you're looking for some radiance to show up on the skin, and if you want to improve your skin's texture. Don't get this if you have oily skin and refuse to make it oilier even at night, if you're looking for instant results and can't be bothered to use something regularly, and if you prefer a matte look to your skin.

For more info about the Floria Nutra-Energy Line, check out the Tony Moly Philippines FB page HERE.

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