Sunday, April 8, 2012

Carmex Lip Balm - Original Flavor

Carmex lip balms seem to have been around for quite a while now, although I noticed that they never got to be as big as Chapstick lip balms, at least in the Philippines. It's one of those products that often seem to appear in the "What's in my bag" section of fashion/beauty magazines, but if you ask an average non-kikay Filipina, they've never seemed to have heard of the brand. This purely based on my observations of course, don't shoot me if I'm wrong ;) 

So if you've ever wondered how well these did in the lip moisturizing department, read on for the review!

This cost me Php 109.75 at Pur Beauty in Serendra, although I'm guessing that this would be cheaper if bought from department stores such as Landmark.

What I like about it:
I like how this takes effect immediately, once you apply on the lips, it works right away in helping dry, chapped lips look and feel softer. The price is also fantastic for something that really works on dry lips!

The scent starts off nicely with a hint of vanilla and cocoa, but once it starts to get absorbed by the lips, the vanilla and cocoa gets taken over by a menthol smell which in turn, gives a cool feeling to the lips. Most likely, this is due to the Camphor ingredient, and if you're not familiar with that, it's actually the same stuff that's in Vick's vaporub that gives that cool feeling.

What I don't like:
Not a fan of the taste, I can't describe it exactly, but it kind of reminds me of eating something fried in over-used cooking oil. Gross I know, but that description does sound worse than it actually tastes like. :)

Get this if you're looking for a cheap lip balm that actually works on dry and chapped lips. Don't get this if you're the type of person who likes to lick your lips a lot since the taste isn't very good. Also, don't get this if you dislike menthol and cooling sensations on the lips. However keep in mind that this review is for the original flavored lip balm only, so the other flavors of Carmex lip balms might actually taste better. Haven't tried the other flavors yet, though.
If you don't lick your lips a lot anyway, you won't be able to taste or smell anything after the initial application except for the menthol which also actually fades after a couple of minutes. This is perfect under lipstick, especially if you're wearing something that can be a bit drying. You shouldn't be licking your lips when you have lipstick on anyway, and this lip balm works excellently to condition and protect lips from lip products that can be rather drying. Lastly, applying more than a pinhead-sized amount of the balm gives off an almost lipgloss-like effect because it makes the lips look more shiny. The only downside to this is that it also makes the lips feel rather oily, so make sure to just use a small amount if you're averse to both effects mentioned.

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