Sunday, April 29, 2012

On jellyfish mishaps and dermatologist-recommended lotions

So sorry for not posting for so long! I recently transferred to a new role for my non-makeup related job, which also has an earlier schedule than what I'm used to. End result is that jet lagged feeling where I end up sleeping during the time I usually allot for writing reviews. Anyway now I think I'm more adjusted to my new work schedule, so hooray, I'm blogging again!

Moving on to more beauty-related concerns, last week I went to the beach and ended up getting stung by a jellyfish. It definitely left a mark - I actually felt it wrap around my leg.

I went to a doctor in our office clinic the next day and was prescribed some antibiotics to get rid of any toxins left from the jellyfish sting. However the marks turned a darker shade of red (almost purple) and became really itchy two days later so naturally I became worried that the sting might actually have permanent repercussions (a.k.a. scars).

Since it wasn't getting better, I rushed to a dermatologist and got a prescription for anti-allergy meds and an ointment to flatten the welts. The derma also recommended that I keep my legs moisturized since dry skin is one of the triggers for the itchiness. Being my usual inquisitive self, I asked if there are any specific ingredients that I should avoid for lotions - I wouldn't want to use something that might make my leg worse off, of course! To that, she just said that I should avoid lotions with fragrance since it might irritate the skin. Since I'm a Cetaphil fan, it was the first lotion that came into mind when she mentioned "fragrance free", so I asked if that one was okay. She then replied that it was okay to use, but if I'm willing to spend on lotion anyway, then I might as well buy the Physiogel lotion since it was much better than the Cetaphil one.

So I did end up buying it. I was thinking that it might not be fair to review a lotion that a dermatologist recommended since it would definitely be good, but I did want to give you guys more details on why exactly this lotion is fantastic!

Read on for the review :)

I got the lotion from Mercury drug for Php 649.

What I love about it:
The main reason why the dermatologist recommended this lotion is because not only does it moisturize the skin, it also helps repair it. I don't know the scientific basis behind this claim, but if you read the product description on the back of the bottle, it does mention a little about it -- "Physiogel lotion contains natural lipids similar to the skin's physiological lipids which are essential components of normal healthy skin. They help retain skin moisture and prevent skin dryness."
Right now the welts on my skin from the jellyfish sting has already turned to a lighter shade of pink, although I can't claim that that was the work of this lotion since I was taking other medication as well. What I can attest to, is the condition of my skin after using this lotion. With other lotions, my skin is already dry about 2-3 hours after application especially if I'm in an air conditioned room. However with the Physiogel lotion, my skin stays moisturized even 12 hours after! I can say that this is the case since my usual test for dry skin is if when I scratch a nail over the skin, a whitish line appears. With this lotion, that line doesn't appear even after hours from the application time.
In addition to that, the best improvement I got after using this lotion are the appearance of my toenails. Because of excessive nail polish use, my toenails have gotten really dry and they break or peel easily (gross, I know). Previously, what I do to improve the condition of the nails is to apply pure Vitamin E (from gel capsules) on it, then wear socks at night so it can get absorbed while I'm sleeping. I've tried using other lotions before, but usually the nails are back to its dry appearance after just an hour. Applying the Physiogel lotion has the same effect as applying vitamin E overnight, but with much faster results! It appears moisturized immediately after the lotion has gotten absorbed, and stays that way the whole day (and night).

What I don't like:
This lotion doesn't get absorbed immediately so it can get sticky for a while. Usually it takes around 30 minutes before the lotion is completely absorbed, or longer, depending on the humidity. It's also a bit pricey for a drugstore lotion, before Physiogel, I usually just buy lotions that cost a third of its price.

I highly recommend this lotion for people with dry skin! It may not be absorbed right away which will cause a bit of that sticky feeling, but once it gets absorbed, it stays put all day. And of course, it's recommended by dermatologists! It may be more expensive than the average lotion, but the benefits far outweigh the cost, in my opinion. :)


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  2. Did your dermatologist personally recommend the brand? Or you just choose the pricey one?



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