Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cool find: Suesh Hair Spirals

If you've been visiting Philippine Style Blogs for quite some time already, I'm sure you've heard of the Goody Spin Pins by now. They're those spiral pins that (according to press release), "do the job of 20 bobby pins".

Photo from the Goody website

They seem to be really cool, however when I found out that these cost Php 569.75 a pack, I just absolutely balked at the price. Seriously, 500++ pesos for a pack which only contains 2-3 pieces, depending on the size??! The price is absurd. I could buy about 500 pieces of bobby pins for that price!

So when I visited the Suesh showroom in Greenhills about 2 weeks ago and found their version of the Goody Spin Pin for Php 50 each, I just couldn't pass it up. Had to buy it, even if I didn't need it!

The Suesh Hair Spirals have the same shape as the Goody Spin Pins. The only difference I could find is the size - the hair spirals are bigger than the mini spin pins but smaller than the regular-sized spin pins. They also do not have those rounded ends that the spin pins have.

So I tried it and all, and they really do work in keeping my hair in place all day. But the only thing I could say about these is that you absolutely DO NOT need spin pins or hair spirals in your life. I must admit they're pretty cool, but they do the exact same job as an elastic band.

This is how my hair looks like with the hair spirals on:

Anyway, if you knew how to use bobby pins well, even 1 piece would be enough to hold your hair in a bun. Case in point, this Bobby Pin 101 video by hair guru, Daven Mayeda:

You can buy Suesh Hair Spirals at their shops in Trinoma, Greenhills, and Alabang Town Center. For some reason though, they raised their prices already. They now cost Php 70 for 1 piece, Php 120 for 2 pieces, and Php 150 for 3, according to the Suesh FB page. Check it out here for more details.

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